What I Secretly Love Most About Going on Holiday

coming home after holiday

I’ve just returned to London from 4 weeks at my parent’s in Germany.

And while I loved being away, lounging about, and spending quality time with my family…

I really love being home again.

Despite having to face work, unpacking, post vacay bank balances, unpacking, and other adult responsibilities {did I mention unpacking?}.

I love coming home after a good holiday.

In my opinion, a vacation is broken down into 3 parts – the planning, the actual trip, and the coming home.

And while I thoroughly enjoy the first two parts – coming home after holiday has to be my favorite.

No matter where I’m coming from, whether it’s a 5-star hotel or a cabin in the woods.

There’s truly no place like home. And here’s why…

Your bed

I don’t care if you were staying in the nicest of hotels with premium bedding. There’s nothing like your own familiar duvet and pillows.

Your wifi

Not having to ask for passwords or suffer with slow download speeds because you run the show is a huge tech win in my book.

Your closet

Yay! To having all your clothes, shoes, and accessories back. And so long to rummaging through a suitcase trying to find that sweater you swear you packed.

Your people

Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, furry friends, best friends. Basically anyone who didn’t go on this trip with you. It’s always nice to see familiar faces again.

Your street cred

As in, you know your neighborhood and how to get from A to B. No need for searching around Google Maps or feeling at a loss at train and bus stops.

Your routine

While it’s good to take a break from schedules and routines (that’s what vacays are for after all). Too many days with no plans can drive a person crazy – at least it does for me. So it’s nice to come back to a familiar schedule usually with renewed vigor.

Your memories

It’s always fun to go through pics and relive your vacay. While you can’t stay away forever, you can always revisit your memories.

Your next trip

As in, you get to start planning it! Hello to dedicated time wanderlusting with a glass of wine and Pinterest {I call it research 😉}. For me, I’ve got my eyes on Portugal – yes to spicy food, cava, and sunshine.

coming home after holiday

What do you love about coming home after holiday?

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