Living Abroad: Celebrating a Year in London

living abroad

It’s here you guys!

We did it.

We’ve officially lived in London for a year.

It’s hard to believe, it still hasn’t fully sunk in, I swear I only just got here.

But it’s true – Facebook even reminded me on the day we took our one-way flight across the pond.

living abroad

We’ve lived in London for a year.

To say it’s been life changing would be an understatement.

There’ve been highs and lows.

We’ve learned more about the world, but even more about ourselves.

I truly believe the challenges we’ve faced, both big and small, this year have shaped us more as individuals, as a couple, as soon-to-be parents than we probably realize.

And I’m truly grateful to be experiencing it all with Mr. DCT – none of this really would’ve been possible without him.

I still remember the day he came home late because his boss asked him to stay behind to have a talk.

And how that talk ended up being the start of our move to London.

living abroad

Living abroad was a big dream of mine for a long time.

Ever since my parents first moved to Germany, back when I was starting my freshmen year of college, a little seed was planted.

Some people fall in love with New York, others L.A., for me it was Europe – and I knew I had to come back and make a life for myself.

And with something as big as moving to Europe, you never know how it will actually work out.

Long before DCT and I even existed I was trying to plot my way into moving abroad – I looked into grad school programs, becoming an au pair, volunteering, and even simply moving in with my parents to get my feet off the ground.

None of these ended up taking off, my current life would catch up to me and all attempts to move abroad would be placed on the backburner.

Then DCT and I got serious and the idea of moving abroad got even more complicated.

But in the back of my mind it was still something I desperately wanted to do.

And then slowly but surely, the stars started to align.

DCT began working for a company that had an office based in London.

‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if they offered to send you to London?’ – we joked.

But in the back of my mind, I was seriously wondering – how could we seriously make that happen?

living abroad

A couple years go by, we’re feeling restless living in Chicago, ready to try something new. And there’s talk about DCT’s company growing their London team.

He puts his name up for consideration. Why not? – we say. What’s the worst that could happen?

More stars align.

They start talking to him about making the move – like, for reals.

There’s negotiations, drafting of contracts, more negotiations.

We’re sworn to secrecy, no talking about it until an agreement is reached.

I’m holding my breath. Could this be it?

Another month goes by.

And then the deal is sealed. A contract is signed. We’re moving to London.

Mind = Blown.

Something I had dreamed of doing for over a decade was about to come true.

I was going to go live in Europe.

*insert high-pitched squealing*

living abroad

And now here we are – in London a year later about to start our own little family.

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If you had told me this would be my life two years ago I would’ve laughed, asked you what kind of drugs you were on, and if I could I have some.

And to think we’re about to start a whole other adventure in raising a child while being abroad….

Again. Mind = Blown.

living abroad

Now while I’m sharing this story in celebration, I don’t want to come off as being braggy.

My dreams came true, nananananana!

No, if anything I’m hoping this will be seen as encouragement – inspiration – motivation to keep going after your own dreams.

Remember this was a dream that was over a decade in the making.

I didn’t just wake up one day, decide I want to live abroad, and move there in a week.

Like all big dreams – it took time, patience, determination, and commitment.

So if you take anything away from this post – let it be this:

Don’t Stop Believing.

Believe your dreams are valid.

Believe the universe is helping you to make it happen.

Believe you’ll find a way.

And you will.

It may take a year, or five, or 10, or more!

But if you keep believing and keep working, you will find a way.

I’m living proof of that.

living abroad

As always, thanks for reading as I talk out my emotions 🙂

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Cheers to a year abroad, and here’s hoping for many many more.