A Twist on the White Easter Sunday Dress

white easter sunday dress

Confession time.

This white Easter Sunday dress, isn’t really a white Easter Sunday dress….it’s a romper.

But it’s white and could totally be worn for Easter, so we’re more than halfway there.

Tomayto, Tomahto – right?

white easter sunday dress

white easter sunday dress

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with white dresses – or white anything really.

The color can be super chic, summery, and fun – but anytime I walk out the house in anything white, especially dresses, I feel like I’m just ASKING for some sort of stain or dirt mark to appear.

In addition, I also have a love/hate relationship with rompers.

Again, it’s something that can be chic, summery, and fun – but I find rompers play tricks on you.

They look super cute on a hanger in the store or on a model online, but ending up extremely ill-fitting and impractical in real life.

So by all accounts this white Easter Sunday dress (that’s not really a white Easter Sunday dress 😀 ) shouldn’t have even crossed my radar.

But sometimes life gives you little gems and it would be rude to ignore them.

white easter sunday dress

white easter sunday dress

So how did this little white romper end up in my dressing room and ultimately my closet?

I don’t know guys.

I think Primark has some voodoo magic they pump in their air systems to make your eyes glaze over and grab anything you happen to glance at, even for a millisecond.

Because that’s essentially what happened.

I was perusing a rack of dresses that this just happened to be in, it was white and stood out amongst the rest.

I glanced at it, realized it was a romper AND – the killer – in my size.

The stars and magic that is Primark aligned, sparks flew, an angel got it’s wings.

And the rest is history.

white easter sunday dress

white easter sunday dress

I wasn’t thinking of Easter when I bought it.

I was actually thinking it’d be cute for a baby shower as there’s a good amount of room for my bump to grow thanks to the tie-back waist.

Either way, it’s a comfy piece that I could totally see myself wearing on a hot summer day or taking on vacay to a sunny beach town.

White and rompers may actually become a thing for me after all.

white easter sunday dress

Are you a fan of white Easter Sunday dresses? How about rompers?

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