Stylin’ in Sub-Zero Temps | What I Wore in Chicago

Hello from Florida by way of Chicago!

DCT and I have been doing our “Back to America” tour with our final week being spent thawing out from Chicago in Florida.

I know, I know – our life is so hard.

Nonetheless, it felt good seeing familiar places and faces in Chi-town. While the week went by faster than I anticipated and made me miss out on a few things I’d hope to do, one thing I’m happy I found the time (and resilience against the cold) for was an outfit photo shoot!

It was just like old times!

Me and my tripod in a slightly sketchy alley with freezing cold temps, debating whether or not I should shed my coat to show my sweater (I decided not – used all my willpower to actually get outside), while I battled a runny nose and icicle fingers.

Outfit shoots are SO glamorous y’all – you should really try them πŸ˜‰

Despite the glamour (or lack thereof), I found this outfit to be perfect combination of my Chicago style roots and London city aspirations.

A branded beanie, leather leggings, and dark lips (Chicago swag); with OTK boots and trench-style pea coat (London class).

All coming together with the backdrop of killer street art – something you’d find in both Chicago & London.

And let’s not forget – NEW HAIR!

I’m trying out a sew-in weave for the first time 😬

It’s weird having long hair that isn’t in braids or twists, I’m still getting used to how to manage it all. But I was bored with the fro and wanted to try something new, so a Brazilian body wave it was.

Beware – this is only the beginning of my “I’m turning 30” midlife crisis πŸ˜‚

As fun as it was visiting my old stomping grounds, I was quickly reminded why London life has been such a blessing, especially this time of year.

Chicago is cold.

Even though it wasn’t THAT cold (at least by Chicago standards) while we were there, I still seriously wondered how I survived living there for 8 years.

I finally understand my strong urge to hibernate.

And why I’ll be thoroughly enjoying the sun and warmth down in Florida 🌞 πŸ’•

Will be back to share more of our adventure soon!

Until then,


What I’m Wearing: Β beanie: Ivy Park | sweater: Primark | leather leggings: ASOS | OTK boots: ASOS | pea coat: DKNY | leather backpack: purchased in Morocco (similar) | lips: NYX