Adventures with Ashlei: Venice

Ciao bellas!

DCT and I had our first true vacation since moving to London a couple weekends ago by taking a trip down to Venice, Italy.

I must admit, whenever I think of traveling to Italy, Venice isn’t the first city that comes to mind. Even despite it being one of the top tourist destinations in the world and a having the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

But as we discussed what we should do with our Bank Holiday weekend (basically our UK version of Labor Day weekend), Venice came up as an option, and since neither of us had been before, we thought – why not?

Warm weather, sea water, Italian cuisine, and wine – how could we say no?

And that was pretty much what our vacation boiled down to.

The weather was gloriously warm, we were surrounded by beautiful sea green water (a real treat for us water signs), and we spent our entire time eating and drinking like Venetians – stopping off in tiny wine bars to grab a variety of cicchetti (the Venetian version of tapas) and wine to-go (the best part ) while we walked along canals and sunbathed in piazzas.

It was one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve ever taken together, we breezed by the more tourist hotspots and really indulged in the local environment – eating and drinking the whole way through.

I drank so much wine that by the end of our 4-day trip I was kind of tired it, which I never thought could happen.

Leave it to Italy to make me tired of drinking wine, haha!

I’ve posted some photos below and, as I’m starting to play around with more video content, I put together a little video of our trip so you can get a taste of what we experienced.

Venice is a beautiful beautiful city and I’m so glad we decided to visit. If you ever get the chance I’d highly recommend it!

Enjoy the video and photos below!