A Printed Dress to Take On Holiday

The weather has been especially breezy here in London over the past couple of weeks – I’m talking high 60s in the middle of February.

You can imagine this former Chicago gal has been in heaven.

The warmer temps has also caused me to dig out all my spring/summer clothes from beneath the depths of our bed to see what I’m working with this coming season.

And can I tell you guys…..I LOVE my spring/summer wardrobe SO much more than my autumn/winter one.

Which is funny to say cause I used to be the complete and total opposite. But I, quite literally, squealed with glee as I pulled out various pieces.

This dress being one of them. 😍

We don’t have many travel plans for this year, mostly because we’ll be dealing with a new baby AND having to move all within a 3 month time period. (It’s cool, I’m not stressing out or anything…..😬)

But one thing we do have planned is a 7-day cruise through the Mediterranean.

It’s kind of our last hurrah as a family of 3 and I am super PUMPED about it.

We have one more month to go, but I’ve literally been dreaming up outfits that I’d sashay about in since Christmas.

This is also why I’m super excited, because I get to indulge in my summer pieces early before proper summer weather hits London.

Which brings us back to this dress again.

Yeah, I was feelin’ myself a bit here 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

I remember buying it at the start of last summer. It was very tent-like and did absolutely nothing for my figure.

Which, coincidentally, is why I bought it because I was still feeling very insecure about my mummy body. And preferred items that hung over me and didn’t call too much attention to trouble areas – i.e. my tummy.

And I remember wearing it a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

It was a great for wearing around the house or going out for coffee dates, play dates (usually going hand in hand with said coffee date), or the occasional brunch date.

And surprisingly, even with its lack of shape, I always got loads of compliments when wearing it.

Fast forward to now, where my mummy tummy is currently a preggers belly. It still works just as well!

Though I am finding, that now that I have a proper belly I want to show it off – hence the waist belt.

Still an easy dress to wear, just with a little added structure to show off that bump! 🤰🏾

It should come as no surprise that this will definitely be coming with us on the cruise. Perfect for hanging around the ship or exploring a port city.

Mmmm, I can feel the Mediterranean breeze as I type…..🌴☀️🌊

I appreciate it being March (it’s my birthday month after all!), but April – get here soon!