Forget Resolutions, This is How I’m Challenging Myself in 2019

I used to be that girl who totally let herself get caught up in the spectacle of new year resolutions.

I was all about dreaming, scheming and planning out all the BIG things I was going to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Things were going to be different, I’d say to myself, I was going to make some major changes and shifts in my life.

And for all my well intentions and do-good drive, usually by the second or third week I’d lost all sight of what my resolutions even were.

Because, ya know, life happens.

And as we all know – life rarely goes exactly to plan.

So as we geared up for 2019, being fully aware of this habit, I avoided all the uplifting messages and motivational posts I would typically devour.

I didn’t do any journaling or meditating on what I hoped 2019 would look like, I just stepped into the new year as if it were any other day.

And it felt weird, not having some theme or action word for how I wanted this year to go.

But it also felt good, not having this added self-pressure to achieve some lofty state of being.

Now this isn’t to say I have no goals for this year, that I don’t have any plans to better myself.

No, no. I’ve just decided to approach it a bit differently.

Instead of putting my goals on a big shiny pedestal and calling them my resolutions! I’ve decided to knock them down a few pegs and view them more as little challenges.

Because my mind is more primed to take on a good challenge than aspire to a resolution any day.

So following the framework set out in this post by Shaunta Grimes on Medium. Here are 10 ways I’m challenging myself in 2019.

1. Something to start

Do yoga for 10min daily

2. Something to stop

Having my phone in the bedroom at night

3. Something for work

Write for 10min daily

4. Something for the home

Make the bed every morning

5. Something for my body

Drink 1 glass of water daily

6. Something for my brain

Read a book for 10min daily

7. Something for the family

Ask about and share 1 thing about your day

8. Something for fun

Take a picture of something that makes you smile everyday

9. Something for the soul

Journal for 5min daily

10. Something for building connection/community

Get outside 2x per week (not including weekends)

Some things to note…

Any numerical values I attached to a challenge is simply the minimum amount I’d like to do.

For example, on a daily basis I usually write longer than 10 minutes. But if I happen to have a super hectic day and all I can find is 10 minutes to write, that’s fine too.

The same goes with drink 1 glass of water, hopefully I’m drinking more than 1 glass on a daily basis. But again, if there’s a rough day and I can’t even remember what I ate, let alone drank – as long as I got in 1 glass of water, I consider myself doing good.

The point is to be writing, drinking water, making the bed, etc. every day with hopes it’ll eventually develop into a habit that I don’t have to think about – I just do it.

So maybe that’s my theme for 2019 – Developing habits. Just do it.

Have you made any resolutions/goals/challenges for the new year?

I would love to hear them, so feel free to share in the comments below!