Is This Mic Still On?

Hello friends, family, and random bots that are scrubbing this page for info.

Long time no see. Like long, long, loooooong time.

My last post was quite literally a YEAR ago.


To say I went through some things in 2018, would be putting it lightly.

I was trying to figure out this whole mom thing, while trying to figure out my own personal thing, while trying to figure out this whole living abroad thing.

Simply put, it was a year of just figuring it out.

And while I’d like to say, I’ve done it! I’ve figured it out!


Still working on all the above and then some.

Which is fine, most of life is spent figuring things out – right?

The trouble I had, however, was I equated “figuring things out” with sitting around waiting for things to come to me, rather than taking action and seeking them out for myself.

I do believe there’s power in sitting and listening every now and then, however, it’s not a good excuse for dropping everything and isolating yourself for 5 months.

But you got to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

So rather than sit here and rehash all the things I think I did wrong last year, let’s look towards the future.

Because it’s a new year and the future always looks bright right around then.

So let’s answer a few questions that you may (or may not) be wondering, that I’ve taken the liberty of asking myself.

1. Are you blogging again?

Yes, but not like I have in the past.

I’ll admit I became a bit disillusioned with blogging over the past year because it felt like I was constantly trying to sell myself or an idea or a product along with everyone else who was also trying to sell themselves or an idea or product.

And while I find nothing wrong with wanting to build a personal brand and finding creative ways to make a buck or two. I realized that doesn’t motivate me. It doesn’t make me excited to write a post, or share a photo, or collaborate with others.

I want to write and share things simply because they make me happy or I find them interesting. And if it just so happens that you’re reading it and find it interesting too – amazing!

But I’m really over trying to come up with posts that fit a certain narrative so I can “be a top influencer in my niche”, “build my online presence” and “expand my reach”.

So yes, I’m blogging again.

But simply for the joy I get from putting my life and things that interest me into words on a page and sharing them.

2. Are you making videos still?

Ehh, maybe.

For those of you who don’t know, I was dabbling in the YouTube universe for a bit. And while I still see it as a fun and creative means of expression. I’m trying to focus more of my energy towards writing again. Because that is my one true love.

So writing will be coming first, and depending on how I feel, I may start doing videos again. But I’m making no promises.

3. So what are you going to be writing about then?

Lots of things! At least I hope…

I will be upfront – any fashion & style posts, which I know my audience was mostly based on, will probably be few and far between. And outfit posts will most likely be nonexistent. I won’t say I’ll never post about these things, but they definitely won’t be as common as they’ve been in the past.

But that still leaves plenty to dish about!

I want to give a more personal look into my life, what’s it like living in London, travel, building a home (figuratively – not literally), building a family, maybe the occasional mom post (I do have another one on the way, after all!), and in general what it’s like being a 30-something (god, that hurts to write) figuring out how to live life fully and authentically.

Which may sound a bit “woo-woo”, but I think we all could use a little “woo-woo” in our lives. And if you’re wondering what I mean by “woo-woo”, Urban Dictionary has a pretty apt definition. You’re welcome.

4. How often will you be posting?

I’m committed to at least once per week. If time allows and I’m feeling extra bold maybe twice a week. But again, I’ve got a toddler and another babe on the way, so my free time is few and far between.

And yeah, that’s about all I got for you guys in this one. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Kinda like my hair now!

Yup, I chopped it all off again.

I’m starting 2019 fresh in every way.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!