I’m Finally Jumping on the KonMari Method Train

konmari method

Coming back home from our month long stay in Germany I felt very overwhelmed with the state of our flat.

There just seemed to be stuff everywhere and it was stressing me the eff out.

DCT and I have never been collectors of stuff, we tend to only buy things we need and know we’ll {with the extreme exception of clothes and shoes…..💁🏾‍♀️}

But with our new addition to the family we’ve accumulated more stuff, some of which we love and use religiously…some not so much.

And the clothes! Gah! So many baby clothes, which I love and cherish and can’t believe he’s grown out of so many already.

But managing the clothes, both ours and Mason’s, has been a struggle.

Because true to city living – storage space it tight. And dare I say, even tighter for London city living.

As such it’s made me very aware of how things are organized. {If you watch my Stories on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been battling getting Mason’s room together}

Enter the KonMari Method.

What is this KonMari Method I speak of?

KonMari comes from Marie Kondo and her best selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

This book became a cultural phenomenon, encouraging people to pare down and only keep those things that “spark joy”.

Now, I’ll be totally upfront and admit I haven’t actually read the book.

But like I said – it’s a cultural phenomenon. And as such simply typing KonMari in The Google floods you with information, how-tos, tips, tricks, and personal experiences.

So as a lover of online research, I did some deep diving on the KonMari Method and while I can’t say I’ll prescribe to the philosophy wholeheartedly. There are a few points I think anyone, myself included, can apply when tidying up.

konmari method

Focus on Discarding items

Despite calling it the art of tidying up, this method is not about simply organizing your thousands and thousands of possessions. It’s about actually getting rid of stuff. Because the more you get rid of, the easier it is to tidy up.

Attune Your Mindset

Yes, it’s about decluttering your home. But it’s also about cultivating a mindset to stay tidy.

Visualization is Key

Visualizing and evaluating why you want something is a surefire way to give you the motivation to make it stick. The KonMari Method makes you ask yourself what a tidy home looks like to you and, most importantly, why you desire it.

You Choose What to Keep

The key element to the KonMari Method of tidying up is holding each possession and asking yourself if it “sparks joy”. Yes? Keep it. No? Say goodbye. It’s simple, and helps eliminate some of the waffling back and forth you can fall into over certain items.

It’s not just about Storage

While the KonMari Method is also famous for its folding and storing technique, it is not an advocate for special storage. According to Marie – putting things away only creates the illusion that the clutter problem has been solved.

konmari method

I’ve already started the process with my clothes. And though I still need to tackle my closet and undergarments drawer, I’m starting to feel a sense of relief when opening my drawers.

The fact that I can see everything I have and they’re all things that “spark joy” is super refreshing. And I’m excited to see how this will translate over into the rest of my wardrobe and Mason’s clothes.

When the time comes I’ll give you a full update, but for now I’d love to know if you’ve read Marie Kondo’s book and tried her method for tidying up.

What was your experience?

Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and sharing this post.