Styling a Cropped Sweater with a Post-Baby Belly

styling a cropped sweater

As with most trends, it took me awhile to jump on the cropped top/sweater bandwagon.

I tend to favor sweaters of the long and chunky variety that help hide my belly – not put it on display.

So I found cropped tops to be intimidating, as silly as it may be to be intimidated by a piece of clothing – even if that piece of clothing is designed to show your tummy.

I only decided to take the plunge at a time when I was fairly confident in my body (pre-baby, naturally) and felt empowered from the likes of Mindy Kaling rocking crop tops in her own sassy and stylish way.

Surprisingly enough I found they weren’t as difficult to wear as I anticipated, even with a belly.

But before you start rolling your eyes at me, like yeah yeah we know – you’re going to say crop tops are actually really flattering and anyone can pull them off…

Actually no, I’ll be the first to tell you – not everyone can pull them off.

But it’s not for the reason you may think.

I wholeheartedly believe confidence is part of the ingredients needed to rock a look successfully.

And if your tummy is something you really truly feel uncomfortable with, then no amount of cheerleading or sassy style tips on my behalf is going to make you feel fierce in a crop top.

And you know what — that’s okay.

No one is meant to look good or feel comfortable in every piece of clothing – no matter how chic the fashion elite claim it to be.

But…to play devil’s advocate a bit, I’m also of the mindset of giving things a shot – just in case you surprise yourself.

So if you’re intrigued at the idea of half shirts (belly or not) here are some of my favorite tips for styling a cropped sweater…

styling a cropped sweater

Tips for Styling a Cropped Sweater (Even with a belly)


Play with proportions

Part of playing with style is experimenting with proportions, and rocking a cropped sweater is no exception. If your top is teeny tiny, go big on the bottom or vice versa. A high waist skirt or pant is my go-to complement for anything cropped.

Go conservative

A cropped top is a sassy piece of clothing that can bring a lot of personality to a look. And as they say – opposites attract. So try pairing a cropped top with a more conservative item such as a pencil skirt or smart trouser. A take on the idea of “party on top, business on bottom”.


styling a cropped sweater

styling a cropped sweater

styling a cropped sweater

Box Yourself in

And I mean that quite literally. As in opt for cropped pieces that are in a boxy cut rather than skin tight. I find them to be easier to wear and they look fab with a high waist piece as mentioned above.

It’s all about attitude

This goes for cropped tops or any fashion piece you dare to wear. Confidence and a positive attitude will make anything look good.

styling a cropped sweater

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Do you dare to wear a cropped sweater even with a belly?


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