Postpartum Couture – My Style After Baby

postpartum style

So many baby posts so little time.

At least this one brings some style back into the picture. Emphasis on the ‘some’ 😅

If it wasn’t obvious, I’m being cheeky in the post title – my postpartum style is far from couture.

In fact it’s only been recent that I’ve put somewhat of an effort into what I wear, because I’m actually making somewhat of an effort to leave the house on a daily basis.

So here we are! A look at what I’m wearing post-baby.

postpartum style

Get The Look:

postpartum style

It’s going on 6 weeks and there’s still a bit of a bump that makes it look like I’m in my early pregnancy days.

But unlike my early pregnancy days, I’m not so quick to show this bump off.

So loose knit sweaters, drapey tops (if I’m feeling fancy), and oversize tees have become the norm.

Pair them with some leggings (faux leather ones – again when I’m feeling fancy) and I’m good for either staying around the house or making a run out and about – depending on the weather and my mood.

It’s super basic, but it’s what I need right now as my mind is a bit preoccupied with a few other things — 👶💙

postpartum style

postpartum style

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One thing I’m happy I did pre-baby was invest in a variety of autumn boots, as that’s where my sense of style tends to come out.

As the saying goes – shoes can make or break an outfit.

And I’ve been using mine to help me feel/look like I put a little more effort into what I wore. Even when in reality it’s just whatever I grab out my closet first during the few moments I have before Mason wakes up or wants to eat or just needs to be held.

Such is mom life, right? 💁

postpartum style

I’m hoping things will get more interesting and I’ll start playing around with my style again once my body recovers a bit more and Mason and I fall more into a routine.

But for now, I’m just glad I remembered to put on real pants for these photos 😂 (or even took photos at all!)

‘Till next time!

postpartum style