Postpartum Couture – My Style After Baby

postpartum style

So many baby posts so little time.

At least this one brings some style back into the picture. Emphasis on the โ€˜someโ€™ ๐Ÿ˜…

If it wasnโ€™t obvious, Iโ€™m being cheeky in the post title – my postpartum style is far from couture.

In fact itโ€™s only been recent that Iโ€™ve put somewhat of an effort into what I wear, because Iโ€™m actually making somewhat of an effort to leave the house on a daily basis.

So here we are! A look at what Iโ€™m wearing post-baby.

postpartum style

Get The Look:

postpartum style

Itโ€™s going on 6 weeks and thereโ€™s still a bit of a bump that makes it look like Iโ€™m in my early pregnancy days.

But unlike my early pregnancy days, Iโ€™m not so quick to show this bump off.

So loose knit sweaters, drapey tops (if Iโ€™m feeling fancy), and oversize tees have become the norm.

Pair them with some leggings (faux leather ones – again when Iโ€™m feeling fancy) and Iโ€™m good for either staying around the house or making a run out and about – depending on the weather and my mood.

Itโ€™s super basic, but itโ€™s what I need right now as my mind is a bit preoccupied with a few other things — ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿ’™

postpartum style

postpartum style

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One thing Iโ€™m happy I did pre-baby was invest in a variety of autumn boots, as thatโ€™s where my sense of style tends to come out.

As the saying goes – shoes can make or break an outfit.

And Iโ€™ve been using mine to help me feel/look like I put a little more effort into what I wore. Even when in reality itโ€™s just whatever I grab out my closet first during the few moments I have before Mason wakes up or wants to eat or just needs to be held.

Such is mom life, right? ๐Ÿ’

postpartum style

Iโ€™m hoping things will get more interesting and Iโ€™ll start playing around with my style again once my body recovers a bit more and Mason and I fall more into a routine.

But for now, Iโ€™m just glad I remembered to put on real pants for these photos ๐Ÿ˜‚ (or even took photos at all!)

โ€˜Till next time!

postpartum style