Transitioning to Autumn {while feeling like I’m going to explode}

transitioning to autumn

Hey look everybody!

Somehow I mustered up the energy to not only put decent clothes on, but also set up my photo studio {aka my living room} for some outfit shots!


As I mentioned in my last post, despite how cliche it’s become to say – fall is my favorite time of year for fashion.

And while it’s not quite sweater weather yet, we’re getting super close!

And I’ve since dusted off my boots, aired out my sweaters, and invested in some new fall outerwear.

Including this faux-leather jacket – a fall staple that I was surprised to find missing as I unpacked this season’s goods.

transitioning to autumn

Get the look 

transitioning to autumn

The two things I love most about fall fashion are jackets and boots {a product of living in Chicago for 8 years}.

I find either one can really help upgrade a more basic look.

And right now basic is all I can really handle when it comes to my style.

You’ve seen me style this dress for spring here, when the bump was teeny tiny compared to what it is now.

My small collection of bodycon dresses have really pulled through for me throughout this pregnancy – which is crazy for me to say as I was someone who purposefully stayed away from bodycons.

But they are one of the few things I can dress up that still stretch over the bump.

So for all my mamas-to-be out there – if you haven’t yet, invest in some cotton bodycon dresses. You can thank me later 😉

transitioning to autumn

transitioning to autumn

transitioning to autumn

And finally, if you didn’t notice, I’ve got new hair again! 💁🏾

They’re faux locs, darker shades for fall, and in a crazy bohemian style.

I’ll try and do a post where I give you a closer look. They’re fun, but I’ll admit I’m not as sold as I was with my goddess locs.

transitioning to autumn

I think that’s all I’ve got for y’all this week.

Keeping it short, sweet, and to the point.

Fall {or Autumn as they properly refer to it here in London} is nearly here and so is Babyceetee.

Who’s ready?

This girl.

🙌🏾 💃🏾

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