Goddess Locs | The Aftermath

goddess locs, natural hair

The fro is back!

And it has definitely seen some major growth.

I’m planning to let it be out and do it’s thing for the rest of the month, and then reinstalling locs again in September just before baby CeeTee arrives {can you believe how close we are to D-day?}.

But before all that happens I wanted to share a final review of my experience wearing goddess locs.

I clearly enjoyed them since I’m planning to have them installed again.

For those of you who are interested and want to know more about them, check out the two posts below on how goddess locs are installed and my haircare routine.


Goddess Locs – All About My New Favorite Protective Style for Natural Hair

Goddess Locs – 2 Month Update & My Haircare Routine

For this post I want to share the process of taking them out and the state of my natural curls after 3 months of wearing this style.

Goddess Locs – The Take Down Process

Of all the protective styles I’ve gone through, taking down my goddess locs was probably the quickest, easiest, and least damaging to my natural hair.

It took about 4 hours, doing it at a leisurely pace while binge-watching GLOW on Netflix and a break in between for dinner.

Which was lovely, cause in the past taking down protective styles has sucked up an entire day.

In terms of the actual process of removing the hair – I simply cut the extension as close to where my natural hair began as I dared. Unraveled the hair wrapping and pulled it away. Then I unbraided the base and pulled away the rest of the extension.

I was ECSTATIC to see there wasn’t nearly as much build up at the root of the extension as I’ve had with previous protective styles {which I mostly attribute to my hair care routine}.

I was able to gently break up any build up with my fingers, rather than scraping at it with a fine tooth comb. Which also meant no tender scalp at the end from over-combing/pulling my hair!

After all the extensions were out, I was actually impressed with the state of my natural curls.

While they were in need of a good wash and condition, they weren’t overly dry, brittle, or breaking off.

It could be the pregnancy hormones, but my hair was actually looking quite lush. Which is kind of the point of protective styles, right?

There was some shedding once I hopped in the shower, shampooed, conditioned, and detangled. But no more than I’d usually see on a regular wash day.

And I’m pretty sure my curls haven’t seen this much definition after just a shampoo and condition since my newbie natural days.

All in all – from installation, to daily maintenance, and final takedown – I’ve become a huge fan of goddess locs!

And while its nice having the curls back for a bit, I’m also excited for goddess locs round 2 based on what I’ve learned from this first experience.

But what about you?

Have I convinced you to consider this protective style, yet?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

goddess locs, natural hair

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