Building a Working Wardrobe: 5 Signs You Need a Closet Clean Out

closet clean out

Can we all agree that there is something undeniably satisfying about a good closet clean out?

Really there’s something undeniably satisfying about cleaning out anything, but for me a closet clean out is the ultimate.

Usually because it stems from a feeling of total disorganization and bad life choices.

Things like – what was I thinking buying this top? Or were these shoes really ever all that?

And all I really need is to PURGE.

A tactic that not only clears the clutter, but also let’s you see what you actually have. Which, in turn, determines what you actually need in order to continue building the wardrobe of your dreams.

I believe in order to maintain a working wardrobe that continues to inspire and delight you, closet clean outs are a must at least twice a year – especially during seasonal changes.

But, there are other times when you may need a closet clean out whether there’s a change in seasons or not.

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Continue below for 5 signs you may be in need of a closet clean out, right now.

closet clean out

5 Signs You Need a Closet Clean Out

You can’t find what you need in under 10min

Do you consistently find yourself wasting time hunting for a certain top or skirt?

Real talk – no matter how large or small your closet space is, if it takes more than 10 minutes for you to find a specific item – that’s a problem.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have too many clothes, a lot of times it’s simply an issue of organization.

Want a quick fix? Take a cue from retail shops.

Clear out your closet and reorganize everything by category – tops, skirts, dresses, etc – to make the search easier.

You can even take it one step further by organizing by category then by color.

Welcome to closet organization bliss.

You have more than 5 {and counting…} of the same item

I’ll be the first to admit that I have an unhealthy amount of striped pieces – long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, tunics, dresses, jackets, you name it – I probably have it.

It’s a bit of a problem and I have to make a conscious effort to avoid anything striped when out shopping – though I will admit, I’m not always successful.

You probably have an unhealthy amount of one particular item too, whether it be striped shirts, denim jackets, or black pants.

And while I understand we’re all on this journey to find the perfect version of whatever item it may be, there comes a time when we {yes both you and I} need to edit it down.

To do so, try everything on and only keep your absolute favorites.

Everything else is just distracting you from achieving your ultimate wardrobe, anyways.

closet clean out

You claim you have nothing to wear when your closet is brimming with clothes

Similar to the first sign you need a closet clean out, this isn’t necessarily an indicator that you have too many clothes.

It’s usually another issue of organization.

If your clothes are thrown in your closet with no rhyme or reason it can look quite chaotic.

Which can cause feelings of overwhelm when trying to get dressed that lead to outrageous exclamations like “I have nothing to wear!”.

If you find yourself making this claim often, then it’s definitely time to clear the clutter and get organized, my friend.

Your lifestyle has changed but your clothes have not

I ran into this problem when I was fresh out of school entering the “real world”.

As a student, my closet consisted mostly of cute loungewear for going to class and sassy party wear for the weekend.

There was very little in-between, which made it extremely difficult for me when I entered the workforce as nothing in my closet was really “work appropriate” {even though I worked in some pretty casual environments}.

Causing me to stress every morning and frequently exclaim – I literally have NOTHING to wear! {early 20’s are so dramatic 😉}.

And that’s just one example of a big lifestyle change.

Things could also change due your body {weight loss/gain, pregnancy}, career moves, a shift in priorities, or even moving to a different climate or culture.

If there’s ever a big shift in your life, I guarantee you’ll see a big shift in your wardrobe needs as well.

Your clothes are tired, dated, or just plain wrong for you

Similar to the previous sign you need a closet clean out, this involves a change in lifestyle as well.

But here it’s a more gradual process taking place over great lengths of time.

We all grow, our tastes change and yet sometimes we find ourselves holding on to the things of yesterdays.

I know I’m guilty of holding onto things for years, when it’s clearly time to let it go.

And while I give way to items with true sentimental value, most items we hold on too are simply taking up space.

Space that could be used for pieces that add more value to your wardrobe, creating a more fulfilling sense of style.

closet clean out

There you have it! Now I’d love to hear from you!

Which of the 5 signs you need a closet clean out do you suffer from the most?

Let’s chat in the comments!

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