A Bump Update & 2nd Trimester Review {VIDEO}

2nd trimester experience

Hi loves!

Still coming at you from Dallas, but with a brand new VIDEO!

Say whaaaaat?!

I’m sharing a quick update on the baby bump as well as my experience during the 2nd trimester.

Click below to watch now or scroll on by to read the highlights.

Video Highlights

Bump Update

  • If you haven’t heard – we’re having a boy! Check out my gender reveal post for details on how we found out: It’s A….{Baby CeeTee Gender Reveal}
  • As of filming this video I was 28 weeks, but as of posting I’m halfway through 29 weeks. Which means D-day is getting incredibly close, which is crazy to think!
  • We’re having a baby shower this weekend and will be starting baby classes once we get back to London 😀

2nd Trimester Review

  • Ahh the 2nd trimester – fondly known as the honeymoon trimester – what a great 3 months that was. Strikingly different from the 1st trimester, I had loads of energy, drive, focus, and just general ability to get sh*t done.
  • I also found this time to be way more exciting as you hit several milestones including finding out the sex, seeing him on the ultrasound where he actually looked like a baby, and feeling the first kicks.
  • Though I enjoyed this time, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows – there were some new discomforts including backaches, swelling, sore hips, and trouble sleeping.
  • Despite all that, the good does outweigh the bad. My biggest takeaway and advice to those heading into the 2nd trimester or currently in it, is to enjoy the time especially hitting the big milestone moments.

Thanks for reading and watching my video!