Mommyhood: My Essentials for Surviving & Thriving in your 2nd Trimester

essentials for the 2nd trimester

Well y’all it’s hard to believe, but I’ve officially reached the end of my 2nd trimester.

It’s crazy how fast these 6 months have gone by and how I’m entering the home stretch.

Compared to my first 3 months, these last 3 have been breezy. Dare I even say fun.

I guess that’s why they call it the “honeymoon trimester”.

I’m going to share a full on review of my 2nd trimester soon {it’ll be similar to my 1st trimester review which you can find here: 5 Lessons Learned During My First Trimester}.

But today I want to talk about the things that I found to be the saving grace of my 2nd trimester.

Things that made it relaxing, fun, and just in general more enjoyable.

From getting to truly show off my bump, to little comforts and means of pampering that I wouldn’t indulge in as much if I was without a bun in the oven.

For my fellow mamas-to-be arriving or settled into their 2nd trimester, here’s a look at my essentials for surviving and thriving in your 2nd trimester.

Make sure to read to the bottom where you’ll be able to shop all my favorite essentials 🙌

essentials for the 2nd trimester

My 2nd Trimester Essentials for the Mama-To-Be


1. Simple summer dress

Okay so this first one is seasonally biased since I’m experiencing a summer pregnancy.

Though if you’re reading this in the winter, you could easily swap this out for a simple sweater dress.

Either way – an easy-to-wear, solid color dress is a must-have.

Whether you’re still at work or on maternity-leave, going out with friends, running errands, or simply laying around the house. You need a dress you can easily mix and match to get you where you need to go {even if it’s onto your couch for a round of afternoon telly #nojudgement}.

Try for one that’s in a dark neutral color, like navy or black, as those are easiest to dress up for a professional setting or night out. But also can be totally casual-chic for running weekend errands or that Tuesday afternoon on the couch {again, #nojudgement 😉 }

essentials for the 2nd trimester

2. Water Bottles

Pregnancy fact: you’ve got to drink loads of water, especially as you get further and further into your pregnancy.

This could just be me, but I find I enjoy drinking water when it’s in a pretty container.

I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging/branding, so it’s no surprise that I drink more water when it’s in a cute bottle like this pineapple one from Bkr.

However, it also makes practical sense to have a water bottle as you can have it on you wherever you go.

Bonus points: having a water bottle at home also means you won’t have an apartment littered with half-drunk glasses of water #storyofmylife.

3. Body Cream

While there’s no scientifically-proven data that confirms using any sort of body lotion, butter, or cream will eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, I still put it as an essential.

The 2nd trimester is when your belly really starts to grow. As such, your skin can feel really tight and dry around your stomach.

This is also true for other areas of your body that start expanding, which for me were my boobs and my butt {I know, you really wanted to know that 😀}.

I’ve used a lot of different lotions and creams in my day, but to-date, my favorite has to be Avene’s Cold Cream.

It’s not the most inexpensive, and I can’t say that it’s kept any stretch marks at bay {though none have appeared yet…}, but it feels amazing and leaves my skin looking and feeling moisturized without being greasy or caked on.

Even DCT is a fan, and that says something 😉

essentials for the 2nd trimester

4. Cotton Bralettes

Another pregnancy fact: your boobs go through some weird growth spurts.

Mine have grown, and then shrank, and then grew again 3 times over.

Through it all, one thing is for sure – I’m so over bra clasps.

They are a torturous device meant to break my soul.

And they were beating me down until I discovered the bralette.

Praise to the bralette, because without it, these jugs would be all over the place. 😳

Aerie from American Eagle Outfitters offers a variety from basic cotton to pretty lace pieces {like this one and this one} that are quite impressive.

Start collecting them now, you can thank me later.

5. Oversize tees

Another style essential for your growing belly.

Perfect to pair with leggings, shorts, skirts, or – my ultimate essential – maternity jeans.

essentials for the 2nd trimester

6. Pampering bits

While you may not be experiencing as many ailments as your 1st trimester {hopefully}, there are still some discomforts during the 2nd.

A growing belly, swelling, backaches, foot aches, skin breakouts.

Despite it being the “honeymoon trimester”, it’s not all fun and games.

Which is why I believe indulging in a few pampering bits can make a world of a difference.

Scented candles, pretty nail polishes for impromptu manis or pedis, your favorite perfume, and relaxing massage oils for those back and/or foot massages you’ll steadily be asking your partner for more and more all make the list.

7. Comfy kicks

I talked about finding comfy sandals for swelling pregnant feet previously, but I think some sort of sneaker is essential too.

Supportive, easy to slip on and off, with some extra wiggle room are all things to look out for as your feet start expanding.

A slip-on sneaker is a no-brainer, but I also love a cute lace up.

Just keep in mind with the growing belly it may get harder to bend over and tie them up.

essentials for the 2nd trimester

8. Maternity jeans

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Maternity jeans are the bee’s knees.

I seriously would wear these long after giving birth if they would fit.

For a variety of styles at a decent price check out ASOS Maternity. They have yet to disappoint.

essentials for the 2nd trimester

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Now I’d love to hear from you:

What are or were some of your essentials? Anything I’ve missed?

Share with me in the comments.

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Peace, love, and all the good stuff…

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