Letter From the Editor, July | On being a Modern Day Woman

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Sometimes being a woman today is hard.

Actually scratch that – most days being a woman is hard. 😅

It has been for centuries.

And while we have made leaps and bounds, we still find ourselves fighting for things that should be the norm {I’m looking at you GOP health care reform….}.

It should go without saying that I’m proud to be a woman.

I’m all for girl power, we should all be feminist, I am woman hear me ROAR juju.

But I’ve also found, being a modern day woman comes with a lot of pressure to be all these things and more.

And while you can point fingers to society and “The Man” trying to hold us back.

I find a lot of the pressure and expectations we face stem from one another, female-to-female.

I’m someone who’s always touted herself as Miss Independent, Miss Girl Power, Miss Fem-Nation.

But as I get closer and closer to stepping into a new role of Mother, I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the pressure and expectations to prove I can be all I can be in the name of WOMANHOOD.

Being a modern woman you’re expected to stand up for your rights, fight to be at the top of your career, be body confident no matter your weight, be sexual on your terms, be modest, be ambitious, be humble, be aggressive, never settle, always strive for more.

Be strong, but also sensitive, be a lover, but also a fighter, be giving, but never give up on what you want.

Basically aspire to be like Beyonce, because if you’re not – then what are you even doing here?

I’m seeing this “be all the things” mentality even more as I dive into the world of mommyhood.

The pressure and expectation to be a “supermom” who is happy, healthy, has a thriving career, is a doting wife, and raises well-adjusted children is crazy.

It’s exhausting, it’s overwhelming, it’s a thought that can keep me up at night.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for being your best possible self.

But sometimes I feel as if a combination of the media, society, peers, and our inner egos make us construe being your best self with being the best at all the things.

As much as we bow down to her existence, I don’t even think Beyonce is the best at all the things.

Nor should we expect her to be.

{And Bey, if you’re reading, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be the best at everything either 😉}

She’s human, she has her flaws, just like we all do.

Is she the best at what she does? Sure. {Though I know there are many who would disagree, and that’s fine}

But I believe it’s because she’s NOT trying to do all the things.

She focuses on doing what she wants, on being who she wants, on pursuing whatever lights her spirit at the moment.

And THAT’S what makes her the best.

Look at any successful person you admire and I guarantee they’re at the top of what they do because they focused on what they wanted – not what’s expected or what they felt they “should do”.

It’s something we all, myself included, tend to lose sight of as time goes by and we get caught up in the swirl of social media posts, political activism, relationships, and just general life.

We forget what it means to be our best self according to us, and instead run around trying to “be our best self” according to the expectations of others.

So, as we move on through to the 2nd half of the year {can you believe we’re halfway through 2017?! Like – what???}, I want to encourage you, and in addition – myself, to do some realigning to get back to focusing on doing you.

Rather than trying to be all these things society, peers, friends, our inner egos tell us we should be – focus on being who you want to be, regardless of expectations.

Own who you are, what you want, and go after it.

That’s a #realmoderndaywoman.

Peace, love, and all the good stuff.

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