How to Break a Style Rut Part III: 3 Simple Ways to Challenge Your Style & Break that Rut

ways to challenge your style

Welcome to the final part of this 3-part series on how to break a style rut, celebrating the relaunch of my guide – 50 Ways to Break a Style Rut, Feel Inspired, and Find Value in Your Wardrobe.

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Remember, though this is a focus on style in terms of fashion and clothing, this guide is really about how to break a creativity rut in any area of your life where you may feel a lack of inspiration.

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Now on to today for the last of my favorite tips and techniques to break your style rut. We’re going to look at 3 simple ways to challenge your style.

My last two posts focused on getting your creativity flowing and finding inspiration again.

Today we’re actually going to dig into your closet and start working with what you got.

I’m a firm believer in trying to make it work with what you have.

While going out and buying new things can make you feel good, most of the time it’s just a quick fix and doesn’t help solve the root of your problem.

So before you pull out that credit card for something you may or may not actually need, lets take a deep dive into your current closet and see if we can spark some inspiration sans spending your hard earned cash.

ways to challenge your style

Get the look


3 Simple Ways to Challenge your Style & Break that Rut


Calibrate Your Outfits

We all have our go-to looks.

Which, coincidentally is one of the top reasons we feel we’ve fallen into a style rut – because we wear the same looks over and over.

If you feel like you’re constantly regurgitating the same looks day in and day out, this tip is for you.

Calibrate your outfit by starting with a go-to look and either amp up or tone down each individual elements.

For example – a simple shift dress + tailored blazer + classic pumps make for a great everyday office look.

But you can also amp it up for a night out by switching out the blazer for a leather jacket and the pumps for strappy sandals.

Or tone it down for the weekend with worn-in sneakers and distressed denim jacket.

It’s all about playing around with your options – you won’t know it works until you try, right?

ways to challenge your style

Shop your Closet for New & Fresh looks

Being in a style rut tends to make us want to run out and get things that are new and fresh.

But what we don’t realize is we can create that same new and fresh feeling with items we already have.

Take a weekend afternoon and go through your closet, building at least 10 complete outfits you’ve never worn before.

This is your chance to really let your creativity run rampant – there’s no right or wrong here.

Good or bad, no one says you have to wear them. Have fun and don’t be too judgemental.

This is simply to help you see items you already have in a different light. And get you thinking outside the box.

ways to challenge your style

Enhance your look by focusing on the little things

As I’ve been saying throughout – more clothes isn’t always the solution to breaking a style rut.

Sometimes it’s about broadening your vision and acknowledging that it’s not just about clothes – but accessories, hair, makeup, and overall confidence.

Your clothes could already be on point, but you’re struggling to create the whole picture.

In that case, practice enhancing your look in smaller ways.

Pick a simple outfit and challenge yourself to create 5 different looks using only accessories, makeup and hair.

You’ll be surprised how much more you can express yourself when focusing on the little things.

ways to challenge your style

And there you have it folks!

I hope you’ve found this mini series both informational and inspirational for your personal style and wardrobe.

I would love to hear any feedback you may have – leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

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