Goddess Locs: 2 Month Update & My Haircare Routine

goddess locs haircare routine

It’s been almost 2 months since I had these goddess locs installed and I’m still madly in love.

Everything from the color and ease of wear has got me hooked.

And though you’ll see in these photos that there’s a good amount of new growth that’s come in {I blame the pregnancy hormones for making my hair grow so fast}. I’m okay with it and feel it adds to the whole “dreaded” look.

However I could be totally wrong….you can tell me if I’m wrong 😅

Regardless, I’ll probably be phasing them out in the next month to let my natural curls breath a bit before getting them re-installed again before Baby CeeTee comes along.

I can already sense it’s going to be a lot easier for me to care for a newborn sans afro.

But before all that happens I wanted to give you an update on my experience with goddess locs and share my current hair care routine.

So let’s jump right into the highs and lows I’ve experience while wearing goddess locs.

goddess locs haircare routine

2 Month Update: My Goddess Locs Experience


The Highs

The biggest highlight for me when it comes to goddess locs is how easy it is to care for them.

They’re really tenacious as a protective hairstyle, I kind of neglected them during the week of our move and felt they were getting a bit raggedy.

But as soon as I got back into my routine again they bounced right back to life, proving they can take a little bit of a beating without falling completely apart.

They’ve remained easy to style day-to-day.

While I usually just wear them down parted to the side, I’ve also played with a variety of up-do’s for when I’m feeling fancy.

And my scalp has remained free of any gunky buildup, which I feel was a constant struggle for me when I wore other braids and twists.

But I attribute that more so to my current hair care routine than the hair itself – more on that in a bit!

goddess locs haircare routine

The Lows

Just as a disclaimer, as if I haven’t said it enough – I really love my goddess locs.

As such, it was hard for me to find any really serious lows, a lot of the things I’m going to mention are me just being nitpicky.

They are in no way dealbreakers for me, just things I noticed that aren’t ideal, but kind of are par-for-the-course.

So first things first, I have noticed some slight slipping of the hair wrapping the braided base {psst…check out my first post all about goddess locs to learn how they’re installed}.

It’s nothing drastic, because again I think it plays into the more natural dread look, but it is happening – more so on the dreads framing my face because those are the ones that get the most action.

I’ve also noticed some slight build up right at the root of the dread.

Again this is just amongst the ones framing my face, which are the ones most susceptible to dust, dirt, makeup, etc.

And lastly, with the weather heating up, they can feel really hot and cumbersome especially when sleeping at night.

However, in their defense, I would say that about any sort of hair extensions.

The longer my hair gets the more bothersome it is during the warmer months. Which is why in summer’s previously I’m usually seen rocking a twa.

But that’s really all I’ve got – as I’ve said I’ve really enjoyed this hair style.

So now let’s get into how I actually care for my goddess locs.

goddess locs haircare routine

My Goddess Locs Haircare Routine

As far as my haircare routine goes I’ve kept it super simple in attempt to limit the amount of product that goes into my hair to keep the buildup at bay.

The majority of my routine involves keeping my scalp clean and moisturized.

In the beginning I was much more diligent about following my moisturizing routine every night.

But this past month I’ve relaxed a bit and do it more every other or every two nights depending on how I feel.

It’s a simple routine that follows what many naturals know as the LOC method – Leave-in, oil, cream. But I switched the leave-in (short for leave-in conditioner) for liquid. That liquid being an aloe vera and water mixture.

Here’s my step-by-step routine:

  1. Part hair section by section and spray scalp with aloe vera water mixture – massage in.
  2. Go back through each section and oil scalp, I’m currently using EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), but any oil would do.
  3. Follow up with a cream based product to really lock the moisture in – this step isn’t essential. I do it mostly because the cream feels good on my scalp and it smells nice 😊

Note: I only do this to my scalp, I don’t deliberately put any product on the actual dreads. Although I will run my fingers through them to remove any excess oil from my hands, but that’s it.

goddess locs haircare routine

Besides keeping my scalp moisturized, I also focus on keeping it clean – obvi.

Now some may cringe at this, but I only “wash” my hair about once every two weeks.

Maybe more if I’ve been extra busy and sweaty during the week (like when we moved and had that crazy London heatwave).

Similar to when I moisturize, when I “wash” my hair I focus solely on my scalp, not the strands of locs.

This is going to sound weird but this is how I “wash” my hair:

{p.s. if you’re interested in an actual video tutorial on this, let me know and I’ll be happy to put one together}

  1. Using an apple cider vinegar mix (1 part ACV + 2 part Water), I spray my scalp until it’s damp.
  2. Then I massage it in, taking care to work out any visible build up.
  3. I then take a damp microfiber cloth (microfiber is softer on your hair than cotton, so there’s less chance of you ripping or pulling your new growth) and scrub it through my entire scalp, removing any loose buildup.
  4. After that I follow up with a dry shampoo. This is for more aesthetic reasons than actual cleanliness as the dry shampoo helps eliminate the smell of the ACV.
  5. I’ll then leave my hair down to let it dry out for the night. Following up with my moisturizing routine the next day.

goddess locs haircare routine

You’ll notice the reason I say “wash” is because I don’t actually get my hair wet.

It’s damp at the most, and only on my scalp.

This is to help prevent mildew forming within the strands of locs.

Which I know is like – gross, Ashlei, mildew in your hair?!

But yeah, it happens, especially when you get extensions wet and they don’t dry all the way through.

And yeah, it is gross. Which is why I’ve been adamant about this routine focusing on maintaining my scalp rather than soaking my entire head.

To which I’m happy to report I’ve had no issues, so far.

Phew! That’s it!

Despite how long this post was, my routine is really simple. Moisturize using the LOC method and cleanse using apple cider vinegar.

And I believe it’s that simplicity that has allowed me to maintain my goddess locs better than any other hair extension I’ve had in the past.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy 🍋😄

goddess locs haircare routine

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a specific haircare routine you follow when wearing extensions?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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