Bump Style: Best Summer Sandals for Swollen Pregnant Feet

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

Whelp, it’s official y’all.

Summer has hit and it has been a beast here in London, especially for this little ol’ pregnant lady.

I was already someone who’s naturally warmer than most, but add in pregnancy hormones, a heatwave, and no air conditioning.

Woo child!

Needless to say I’ve been a bit of a mess – a hot, sweaty, sticky, mess to be specific – and not in a good way.

Another product of the heat plus bun in the oven is the well-known pregnancy symptom of swelling hands and feet.

While I haven’t had it as bad as some (not yet, anyways), I’ve noticed shoes that I was able to slip on and off are whistling a different tune and quite frankly start hurting after only a short period of time.

So I’ve gone and made my second maternity investment (maternity jeans being my first) – summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet.

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

Get this Look

I’ll admit I was a little leary about what I’d be able to find – I knew there were certain qualities I needed for the perfect summer sandal, but I was worried they’d lean more towards orthopaedic than cute mama-to-be.

But I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a plethora of supportive, yet cute options.

Case in point: these leopard print flatform sandals from Dune {I also purchased a pair in rose gold because…options – duh 😉}

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

They have been a lifesaver throughout the early summer heat and I’m hoping they’ll continue to be for the rest of the season.

And while they make me feel cute and sassy, it’s the following qualities that make them the best sandals for swollen pregnant feet.

1. Easy to put on

While it has a single slingback buckle in the back, the leather has enough give that you could slip them on and off without unbuckling every time.

Which I believe will be a lifesaver as the belly grows and bending over becomes more and more complicated.

2. Supportive

Flatforms are totally the trend, which is great for those of us with pregnant feet as they’re stylish and provide more support than your typical thin-soled gladiator sandal.


3. Extra wiggle room

Seeing as I still have 3 more months to go until D-Day, I imagine my feet will expand a bit more during that time.

And while I love shoes, I’m not trying to go out and buy a different size every month.

So having a pair that’ll give and stretch on it’s own with wear is crucial to saving your money for more important things, like an excessive amount of bodysuits for your little one {seriously though I’ve got a collection going already and he’s not even here yet! 🙈}

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

summer sandals for swollen pregnant feet

If you’re like me and experiencing swollen pregnant feet, or just in the market for sandals that offer style and support, take a look at some of my favorite finds below.

Happy happy summertime!

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