How to Break a Style Rut Part I: 3 Tips For Developing Creative Habits

developing creative habits

Style is more than what you wear, how you do your hair, or decorate your apartment.

That is a belief I’ve continued to preach.

To put it simply – style is all about self expression and creativity.

When we fall into style ruts or feel as if we’re lacking inspiration it’s a sign we need to reevaluate our current habits and thinking patterns.

And one of the best ways to bust old thinking patterns is to challenge yourself in developing creative habits.

As mentioned in my Letter from the Editor post, I’ve recently relaunched my 50 Ways to Break a Style Rut guide and I was going to spend this month going through some of my favorite tips and techniques here on the blog.

So we’re kicking it off with my 3 best tips for flexing your creative muscles and developing more creative habits – the key to reigniting your inspiration when it comes to style and life.

developing creative habits

3 Best Tips for Developing Creative Habits


1. Teach yourself to find inspiration in everyday things

It may not feel like it when going about your day-to-day, but inspiration abounds around you.

From the color of your morning brew to the sway of trees in a summer breeze – inspiration is limitless, if you open your eyes to it.

Take a pause and look around the room you’re sitting in right now.

Try to ignore any negative thoughts you may have about the space and instead look for things that pique your interest, even if it’s only a tiny nudge.

Maybe it’s a color or print, the shape of an object or texture of a textile, the lighting or lack thereof, smells, sounds – you name it!

What’s one thing, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, that makes you smile or think ‘hmm, interesting…’

Repeat this exercise everywhere you go and you’ll be amazed at how much inspiration truly surrounds you.


2. Practice translating your of-the-moment reactions

This is probably my favorite and most-used method for flexing my creative mojo and it’s something that can be used in a variety of ways from fashion and beauty to home decor and design.

Using fashion as an example – when you see someone and immediately think ‘OMG, I LOVE that look!’, try turning your reaction into something tangible and specific.

Simply put – ask yourself why.

What is it about the look that has you all googly-eyed?

Is it a color combination? A certain print? The elegant and clean lines of the silhouette?

Once you figure out exactly what you love about it, ask yourself how you can create something similar using items you already have.

Try it out now – find an outfit you love on Pinterest, write down why you love it and how you can create a similar look with what you already own.

That’s the important bit – using items you already own – going out and buying new things isn’t solving the problem nor is it challenging you to expand your creative ability.


3. Identify personal inspiration triggers

We all see the world from different perspectives.

What I find inspiring may fall flat with you, and vice versa.

But that’s what makes the world so amazingly diverse.

Just think how boring it would really be if we all walked, talked, and expressed ourselves the same.

Total snoozefest.

So embrace and cultivate those things that make you, you.

Ask yourself what catches your eye when you’re out and about?

Is it modern architecture, bright flowers, certain colors, prints, vintage decor? I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Also spend some time investigating what activities tend to give you a surge of inspiration and make you want to create/make/do something.

Maybe it’s taking long walks, listening to jazz music, or watching classic movies.

Whatever it may be, make a point to do these things the next time you’re feeling uninspired by life.

developing creative habits

And those are my 3 best tips for developing creative habits.

Now I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Do you have any techniques you use to help flex your creative muscles?

Please share in the comments below.

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