It’s A……{Baby CeeTee Gender Reveal}

gender reveal

The time has finally come!

The Baby CeeTee gender reveal is upon us.

I’ve been holding this in for a few weeks now and it’s been really hard trying to not let it slip whether our little one is a he or she on social media.

Though I left a tiny hint on my Instagram last week {did you catch it?}

I’m super excited to finally let loose and share whether we’re team blue or team pink.

So without further ado…

…Baby CeeTee is a……








gender reveal


gender reveal

gender reveal
{Author’s note: if you’re wondering, it’s been two weeks since I took these photos and yes I’m still finding bits of confetti stuck in my hair 😂}

I’ll be completely upfront – I was for sure it was going to be a girl.

Though there’s clearly no scientific proof for them {and the fact that I got it wrong gives even more proof} I reviewed all the various wives tales and gender identification mythology to try to guess what it’d be and everything was pointing towards girl.

As such I had names lined up, I had a nursery design fully fleshed out, clothes saved waiting to be added to a registry.

Basically, I was ready to go full team pink.

The day we were to find out we arrived to our ultrasound appointment, and in my head I’m confident the sonographer is going to confirm what I’d been thinking all along.

We share some small talk while she sets me up for the scan and she asks if we want to know the gender and what we think it’ll be.

I, confident in my {soon-to-be-false} belief, say I think it’s a girl.

And the sonographer nods, saying – Well, a mother’s intuition is usually right.

Only amplifying my confidence that I was going to be correct.

She starts scanning and, no joke you guys, the first image on the screen is our guy’s little bum and what was distinctly a little peen.

To which our sonographer goes – But clearly not this time, cause that right there is a baby boy.

I turn to DCT, eyes bugged out, mind blown – I was wrong?!? To see him completely overjoyed and giddy to the point of tears.

Which was by far the cutest thing, besides seeing our little boy (!!) rolling around on the screen.

And after the initial shock of being so very wrong, I started getting giddy too.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less if it was boy or girl, just as long as he/she was healthy.

Which I’m happy to share he very much is.

And I think it ended up being way more exciting and fun finding out I was wrong about the gender than had I been right.

We’re having a little boy!

gender reveal

It still blows my mind that there’s a little human slowly growing inside me.

I can feel his kicks and movements getting stronger by the day.

And while there’s still a ways to go – I seriously can’t wait to meet him.

I’ll keep you all updated as we get closer and closer to B-Day.

Until then – thanks so much for reading this post!

Happy weekend and go team BLUE!