The Smock Dress: The Best Maternity Dress (IMO) For a Summer Pregnancy

smock dress

I imagine being pregnant in the summer is going to have it’s pros and cons.

Increased body temperature, plus increased weather temperature (and no air conditioning cause #EuropeanLife) means I’ll most likely be in a perpetual state of hot and sweaty.

Which means it’s crucial for me to invest in items that are relaxed and breezy enough to wear throughout the warmer months.

So as you can imagine, along with my belly, my summer dress collection has started to expand.

And while I love my maxi’s, midi’s, and cute wrap dresses, there’s one maternity dress that stands above them all.

The smock dress.

smock dress

I’ll admit – the name doesn’t sound too appealing, but I’ve come to believe it’s a must-have for a summer pregnancy.

The defining characteristic of a smock dress is the loose almost shapeless construction, created from a relaxed silhouette that tapers out from the neck/bust area.

They’re the kind of no-brainer dress that you can slip on and walk out the door thanks to their easy, breezy style.

I don’t know about you, but even during summers when I wasn’t pregnant, the less fabric that clinged to my body – the better.

And it’s the tent-like silhouette of a smock dress that makes it ideal for those of us with a bun in the oven during the summertime.

It doesn’t cling to the tummy area which allows for air circulation and freedom of movement with an ever-growing bump.

smock dress

Also, smock dresses are totally having a moment right now.

An embroidered, peasant-style smock dress is comfortable, playful, and perfect for those interested in dipping their toe in the boho trend without overdoing it in crochet tops and tassel skirts.

But they come in such a variety of styles, from classic & chic to girly & sweet, even a little eclectic & edgy. That you’re bound to find one that works for you.

smock dress

smock dress

smock dress

So what say you? Are you down with the smock dress?

Would love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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