Letter From the Editor | June

Welcome to June!

We’re halfway through 2017 (crazy, right?!) – school’s out, summer’s in.

What better time to pause and reflect where this year has taken you so far.

For me, these past 6 months have been about finding my flow in both work and personal life.

Pregnancy has been a doozy, and while I’m well past the pains I was experiencing in the first trimester, I’ve still faced a few struggles throughout my second.

Specifically my ability to focus and stay in my work flow.

Pregnancy brain is a real thing – I’m more forgetful and easily distracted than I have ever been and it can be super frustrating especially when there’s a lot to juggle.

And this month is going to have a lot to juggle.

We’re officially moving out of our little one bedroom flat to a two bedroom, there’s family visiting, a babymoon to book, babyshowers to plan, birthdays to celebrate, projects to launch, and just an overall push for growth as we get into the swing of summer.

While part of that growth has to do with my belly the other part has to do with SOBM.

I’m trying to ramp up some things around here to give you more juicy content and other goodies.

And part of that starts with reissuing my ever-so-popular 50 Ways to Break a Style Rut guide.

For those of you who were with me back in my Kinks are the new Pink days you’ve most likely seen this before.

But just as a refresher – this guide was created by me for you and includes 50 creativity techniques, thought experiments, and style challenges all designed to help you find inspiration, generate new ideas, and see your wardrobe in a new light.

And while it’s focus is on style in terms of what you wear, a lot of these techniques can be applied to help break any sort of creative rut you may be experiencing.

Throughout this month I’m going to go over some over my favorite tips and tricks from the guide.

But in order to get the whole tamale – you gotta download it!

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And to whet your whistle, here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside:

Looking pretty good right?

I’ve gone through and updated a lot of the photos and text, so even if you have a copy from back in the day you’ll want to get your hands on the updated version!

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Please note if you’re already on my list – 1. You’re awesome – thanks so much! And 2. the new and improved 50 Ways to Break a Style Rut is already headed to your inbox – no need to sign up again 😀

I sincerely hope you enjoy this and have loads of takeaways and new insights into your wardrobe, style, and creativity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, and any feedback you may have so don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at hello[at]shadesofbeingme.com with anything you’d like to share.

Here’s to a busy, productive, and stylish month of June!

With joy,