How to Make a Bodycon Dress Work for You {No Matter Your Shape or Size!}

bodycon dress

As with most women in the world I’ve never had 100% confidence in the way my body looks.

I’ve got a belly (sans baby in the oven), thighs, and love handles just as much as anyone else might.

And they’re all things I’d rather hide than emphasize when it comes to getting dressed.

So, as you can imagine, the rise of the bodycon dress was not of great interest to me.

Despite claims that it can work for all body types, anytime I tried one on, it seemed to accentuate all the wrong places.

Add on the fact that I couldn’t breathe, move, or – most importantly – eat the way I wanted to, put the bodycon dress at the bottom of the list of items to add to my wardrobe.

But since becoming preggers, I have to admit I’ve had a little change of heart.

Blame it on the celeb moms from Beyonce to Kim K, Blake Lively to Chrissy Tiegen who look ultra glam rocking bodycon dresses with a bump.

Or just the simple joy of showing off a baby bump.

Either way I realized this will probably be one of the few times I can wear a more fitted dress while having a belly and feel good about it.

bodycon dress

And so the bodycon dress has started to become a bit of a staple when it comes to my maternity style.

But don’t think that this style will only work if you have a flat tummy or a baby belly.

My new obsession has led me to learn a few tricks for making a bodycon dress work – no matter your body shape or size.

And I’m here to share those tricks with you today 🙂

Continue below to find out more.

4 Ways to Make the Bodycon Dress Work for You

Show off Your Best Feature

Just because it’s bodycon doesn’t mean it has to show off your entire body. The fact that bodycon dresses come in a variety of styles and cuts means you can find one that accentuates the areas you love most about your body.

Add a Layer

Quite possibly my favorite styling trick for bodycon dresses – add an extra layer on top. Not only will it hide areas you’d rather not emphasize, but it also adds more dimension to your look. You can opt for something light and flowy or something tailored to give more structure.

bodycon dress

bodycon dress

Go Dark

When you’re feeling shy about any sort of figure-hugging garment the best way to overcome that insecurity is to take it in black. Not only is black on of the chicest colors you can wear, it also has the power to create long, lean, vertical lines – creating the appearance of a slimmer figure. #win.

Choose Thicker Fabrics

If you really want to rock a bodycon dress without the fear of accentuating every bump and roll, opt for ones made with a thicker fabric. I know that doesn’t sound very appealing – tight dress AND thick fabric, eek! But reality is – the thicker the fabric the more structure the garment will actually have, making it easier for it to skim down your waist and hips without creating extra bulges.

bodycon dress

bodycon dress

bodycon dress

Now I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Are you a fan of bodycon dresses? Any tips you’d add to this list?

Let’s chat in the comments.

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