Style Staple: The LBD and Why it’s a must-have for every wardrobe (especially when pregnant)

the lbd
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What comes to mind when you think of the color black?


New York City fashion?

Jay-Z lyrics?


For centuries, the color black was associated with mourning, mystery or piety.

And it wasn’t until 1926 when it was portrayed in a whole new light thanks to the infamous Coco Chanel who, for the first time, used the color as a fashion statement.

Enter the little black dress – or the LBD as it’s been fondly abbreviated to.

An item that has been constantly reinvented and modified to reflect current trends, and yet has remained an essential part of many women’s wardrobes.

And it’s easy to see why…

the lbd

Why the LBD is a Must-Have for Every Wardrobe

Neutral in Color

It’s no secret black goes with literally everything.

Even color combinations that were taboo – black with brown or navy with black – are now seen as chic and fashion-forward.

The beauty of black is that it provides a blank canvas to make a statement as loud and proud or as quietly refined as you like.

Wearable Elegance

There’s a certain magic that an LBD has in that it’s both easy to wear and looks sophisticated, no matter what.

All around slimming, dressed up in heels or pared down in flats – the LBD will always add a touch of class to your look.

Long-lasting Versatility

Time tells no lies, and the fact that the LBD has been a staple for decades goes to show it’s longevity and stakehold as one of the most versatile pieces you’ll own.

the lbd

All this makes the LBD a no-brainer, must-have.

Not just for every wardrobe, but especially for those who’ve got a bun in the oven.

It’s slimming for those days the bump makes you feel anything but.

And it can be just as easily dressed with a comfy pair of old sneakers for the day, as it can with a pair of dressy flats for the night.

Simple. Casual. Chic.

Wasn’t that my motto for maternity style?

Looks like the LBD checks all the boxes.

the lbd

I’d love to hear your thoughts – Preggers or not, is the LBD a must-have in your wardrobe?

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