Inspired Style: How to Choose the Perfect Casual Summer Dress For You

casual summer dress

Despite the chill that is still lingering in the air here in London – summer is almost here!

I got a small taste of it this weekend during our little getaway in Marseille, France (trip recap coming soon!), and man oh man I can’t wait for warmer temps to hit up north.

The thing I loved most about our trip – and why I love summer in general – was being able to throw on a casual summer dress and head out the door.

There’s no extra fluff needed – no pairing scarves or winter coats, no layering of blouses and sweaters, leggings and tights.

Nope. It’s just dress, sandals, out the door.

That’s the magic of summer.

casual summer dress

Blame it on the sun or the je nais se quoi lifestyle that is the South of France, but I believe the only clothing item that need be on your list this season is a casual summer dress perfectly picked for you.

I actually bought the dress you see here at the very end of summer last year, and unfortunately didn’t get to wear it before it got too cold.

So the anticipation for finally getting to wear this dress was real – and thankfully the baby bump and my expanding waistline still zipped up comfortably and managed to stay that way even after eating a mountain of seafood 🙂

I believe the reason this dress was such a hit was because it checked all the boxes on a few simple guidelines I like to follow when buying a dress, skirt, top, shoes, really anything!

Check out my guidelines below on how to find the perfect casual summer dress to call your own.

Cheers to sweet sweet summertime!

5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Casual Summer Dress For You

1. Length

Whether itty-bitty or floor-sweeping, choosing the right length for your dress is not only important for highlighting your body shape, but also your sense of comfort.

I love mini dresses, I think they’re fun, flirty, and look totally cool when paired with sneakers. Despite all that, I don’t buy them that often, and certainly wouldn’t choose one as my perfect casual summer dress as I simply don’t feel I can move freely and comfortably in them.

Something a little longer in length is more my speed for feeling both confident and comfortable.

2. Fit

This goes along the same lines as length – are you more comfortable in something that is fitted and hugs you in all the right places. Or are you into something that allows for movement and gracefully drapes across your body?

Either way the fit of your dress is key to your comfort.

As for me, I’ve never been a fan of wearing bodycon dresses (though pregnancy has started changing that thought) – they just seemed to bring attention to all the places I’d rather not emphasize.

An A-line cut has always been the more flattering and comfortable fit for me. Fitted on top and free-flowing at the bottom. That’s what I like – annnnd cue Bruno Mars 😉

casual summer dress

3. Color

Pretty self explanatory – choose a color you like to wear. I tend to go bright and bold for summer dresses – tis the season after all. But classic neutrals and softer hues are just as perfect for a long summer affair.

4. Special details

Think prints, lace-up backs, off-the-shoulder tops, or this summer’s trend – embroidery.

Go big and loud or subtle and discreet. It’s the little things that can make a casual summer dress really pop.

casual summer dress

5. Ease of wear

Probably the most important out of them all – the perfect casual summer dress, above all else, must be easy to wear.

It’s something you can throw on and go without a second thought, knowing you’ll look fab.

casual summer dress

Now I’d love to hear from you:

What’s the #1 thing you look for when picking out a summer dress?

Share with me in the comments.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

And as always – thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post.


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