Your Travel Planner: 7 Step Guide to Planning a Weekend Getaway

planning a weekend getaway

One thing I’m starting to embrace while living in London is the art of a weekend getaway.

It’s true – Europeans travel A LOT, and while they love their extended 2 week holidays, most of the time their travels consist of quick weekend jaunts here and there.

Granted there is a certain ease to traveling around Europe. Everything is so unbelievably close, it takes less time to travel from London to Barcelona than it does traveling from New York to Miami.

You can reach a new country and culture in less than 2hrs – crazy, right?!

Even so, a remarkable weekend getaway is attainable no matter where you are in the world, it’s simply a matter of knowing how to plan for one.

Continue reading for a 7 step guide to planning a weekend getaway you won’t forget.

How to Plan a Weekend Getaway in 7 steps

Step 1 – Know Your Goal

What’s your goal for the weekend?

This is the very first question you should ask yourself when planning a weekend getaway.

Do you want to disconnect and relax or let loose and party like it’s 1999? Do you want to get lost in the middle of nature or soak up the energy from city streets?

Knowing your goal will help you determine the places to look for and any activities to you may enjoy.

Step 2 – Pick an Easy to Reach Destination

Once you know how you’d like to spend the weekend, it’s time to choose a destination!

Focus on places that are easy for you to reach. If you’re flying, shoot for no more than 2hrs in the air. Driving? Try and stay under 5hrs.

Since this is a quick weekend trip you don’t want the majority of your time spent traveling to and from your destination.

Step 3 – Do Your Research

Now that you know what you want to do and have a destination or two in mind it’s time to do a little more investigative work.

What’s this place like during the time you want to go? Is it hot? Cold? Peak tourist season? Low rainy season? Are there any major events happening that could affect your trip, for better or for worse.

What are the main attractions? Is there a must-eat restaurant for local cuisine? A one-of-a-kind art exhibit? Out of this world shopping centres?

This is especially important when looking for accommodations. DCT and I are die hard Airbnbers, I honestly can’t remember the last time we stayed in a hotel when on a personal vacation. But researching your destination will help determine where you’d like to stay, whether it’s a hotel, motel, cabin in the woods, or resort on the beach.

planning a weekend getaway

Step 4 – Make it a 3-day

To really make a weekend getaway worth your while, try to make it a 3-day weekend.

Request off of work on Friday to arrive early to your destination or switch it and return from your trip later on Monday.

Either way, having that extra day will make the weekend feel more than just your typical Saturday, Sunday.

Step 5 – Bring a Travel Buddy (or even a few!)

While I’m all for solo travel, there’s no denying sharing an experience with someone else can make it extra memorable.

So bring along your significant other, best gal pal, or the whole crew to truly make it an unforgettable weekend.

Step 6 – Schedule at least 1 Activity

This is a practice DCT and I only recently started implementing for our trips – and for us, that activity is usually some sort of food tour.

We’ve found it’s a great way to get to know the culture and explore wherever we are, all while eating 😀

Your activity doesn’t have to be a tour, it can be going on a bike ride, visiting a museum, or even laying out and reading that book you’ve been trying to pick up for months.

Again, this goes back to step 1 – knowing the goal for your weekend getaway.

Once you have that you can plan accordingly.

Step 7 – Have fun!

It’s the weekend after all 😉

Where’s somewhere you’d like to go on a weekend getaway?

Share with me in the comments!

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