5 Lessons Learned During My First Trimester {VIDEO}

lessons learned during my first trimester

I’m cruising through the last few days of my 1st trimester – YASSS!


So in celebration I thought I’d share some lessons learned during my first trimester about myself and being preggers.

I was going to write out the post, but wasn’t excited about sitting in front of my computer screen all day so I decided to make a video instead!

It’s my first video in awhile so apologies for sound (as usual construction work decided to take place as soon as I hit record), my face is out of focus here and there (oops!), and you’ll notice a little filming snack in the background that I totally neglected to hide (haha!).

But despite my filming faux pauxs, I hope you enjoy.

I actually had fun putting this together and it makes me consider doing more videos in the future.

Have a watch below and let me know what you think đŸ™‚

5 Lessons Learned During My First Trimester

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