5 Must Visit Weekend Markets in London

weekend markets in London

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to hit up a market and shop for various odds and ends to add to the home or wardrobe, while also filling my tummy with something extra yummy (especially now that I’m eating for two ūüėČ ).

Luckily for me, London has a plethora of weekend markets to satisfy any sort of craving.

While you can find your typical farmer’s market in any neighborhood, there are loads of full-sized markets located across the city that cater to those searching for specific things like antiques, fresh flowers, unique foods, vintage clothing, and designer goods.

And with winter firmly behind us and summer straight ahead, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday than exploring what each market has to offer.

Below are the 5 weekend markets in London you must visit, where they are, and what they’re best known for.

So if you’re ever in town over the weekend, put one of these at the top of your list of stops to make¬†ūüôā

5 Must Visit Weekend Markets in London

weekend markets in London

Portobello Road Market

Neighborhood: Notting Hill

Best for Finding: Antiques, vintage & craft goods

Stay For: Street food

Portobello Road Market is my favorite out of the bunch. There’s a variety of stalls filled with all sorts of vintage pieces, craft goods, and street art.

Not to mention a full block dedicated to food vendors where you can find fresh fruit and veggies, baked goods, wine, and delicatessens like olives and cheese.

Be warned though – Saturdays are manically busy, so come early if you’re looking to beat the majority of the crowds.

weekend Markets in London

Borough Market

Neighborhood: Central London

Best for Finding: Unique & gourmet foods

Stay For: Lunch at one of the market stalls or nearby pubs

This is London’s oldest market – dating back to the 13th century! – which also means it’s the busiest.

Popularly known for its gourmet food, you’ll find everything from fresh breads and¬†rare meats, to cakes and all types of preserves, oil, and teas.

So with that in mind – come hungry! There’s loads of free samples to try and lunch to have after a hard morning of shopping ūüėČ

weekend markets in London

Columbia Road Flower Market

Neighborhood: East London

Best for Finding: Fresh flowers

Stay For: Brunch at one of the street cafes

One of my absolute favorite ways to spend an early Sunday morning – sipping a cappucino and strolling through row after row of fresh flowers.

Columbia Road Flower Market is the Londoner’s favorite flower market, but as with most popular markets – you’ve got to get there early.

Stalls are usually set up by 8AM and gets pretty packed by mid-morning with stalls closing down by 3PM.

Don’t fret too much though if you get there later in the day, you could end up snagging a deal from vendors trying to sell off goods before closing up shop.

weekend markets in London

Brick Lane Market

Neighborhood: East London

Best for Finding: Bargain finds from clothes and electrics, to nicknacks and antiques

Stay For: Extra¬†exploring – it’s a true flea market where there’s no telling what you may find.

For those who want a true flea market experience where you can find just about anything from clothes and furniture, to cookware, electrics, nicknacks and antiques.

Brick Lane Market is a bargain hunter’s dream.

Another market where you’ll want to come early to for the best deals. Be sure to check out the quirky shops around the market for even more thrifting and vintage goods.


weekend markets in London

Old Spitalfields Market

Neighborhood: East London

Best for Finding: Vintage & handmade fashion clothing & accessories

Stay For: Mix of beauty shops & niche stores located outside the market

Where the cool kids shop (especially on Sundays), Old Spitalfields Market is where you go to find pieces from young up-and-coming designers, cool accessories, new fashions, and unique furnishings.

If you’re on the hunt for some well-maintained, vintage designer duds – this is the place to do it in.


Which market sounds like it’d be the most fun to you?


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