Duster Cardigans + Peachy Pink Hues

Do you guys remember duster cardigans from back in the day?

They were all the rage in my middle school days – a convenient way to cover up that low cut tank top (or for the more daring – a low cut crop top) from parents and teachers.

How could you possibly be wearing anything “inappropriate” with a floor grazing sweater over top?

Parents…..when will they learn?

Of course middle school is long behind me.

But as we all know fashion of yester-years always make it back around, and that couldn’t be more true with the duster cardigan.

Course it’s a bit more grown-up this time around – more casual chic than teenage trouble.

But let’s be real – I can still see myself rocking a crop top underneath as the weather heats up (and now I have no parents or teachers to worry about 😉 )

Whichever way you slice it – I’m seeing the duster cardigan as a staple this spring/summer.

Or in other words – get used to seeing this number…a lot.

Consider this your warning 😉

Another trend I’ll be keeping my eye out for this spring are peachy pink hues.

Warmer than your pastels, but not as shockingly bright as your fuchsias & neons – peach is totally the new pink.

Pair it with black to make it pop (see above), neutral shades to soften it up, and brighter colors for some fun.

These two pieces are making me count down to warmer days where there’ll be less tights with boots and more bare toes with pedicures <3

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Are you into duster cardigans? Do you have fond memories from your grade school days? How about peachy pink hues?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Can’t wait to read them!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post 🙂

Wearing: Duster cardigan (Primark) | Shirtdress (Similar) | Ankle boots (Sam Edelman) | Accessories (Michael Kors / Gorjana)