InstaTravel Diaries: Chicago to Florida to London again

Hi friends!

It’s been a bit as DCT and I have been recovering from our 2 week jaunt back to the States.

It was a whirlwind of a trip and while I had a great time seeing friends and family, I’m really glad to be home settling back into a routine and no longer living out of suitcases.

If you didn’t follow along on Instagram {or even if you did 😘}, here’s a look at our trip back to Americaaaaaa.

First stop was Chicago, our home base before London.

It was interesting revisiting my old stomping grounds – great seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with friends. But I’ll admit I was expecting to come back and have it feel different in some way – spoiler alert: it didn’t.

Everything was pretty much as it was when we left, granted it’s only been 7 months, I still had this idea in my head that there would be loads of changes. And there were things here and there, but for the most part it’s still good ol’ Chicago.

One thing I enjoyed during downtime was exploring the city with new eyes.

Chicago really is a cool city, simply from an architectural standpoint.

The mishmash of art deco, gothic, modern, and industrial buildings is incredibly unique, especially coming from London which has a completely different vibe.

I lived here for 8 years and yet I found myself snapping photos of the city streets left, right, and over yonder.

The design in Chicago is truly one of a kind and it’s one of the reasons it’ll always be one of my top cities.

Siberian temps and all. 💗

Besides cruising the streets like a tourist, my trip was mostly filled with revisiting favorite shops {and snapping selfies in their dressing rooms}, eating allllllll the tacos, trying to stick to my workout routine to make up for eating all the tacos {another spoiler alert: didn’t happen}, and spending nights out with good friends.

We also happened to be in Chicago when Obama made his farewell address.

While we didn’t get to see him IRL, We were able to watch from our hotel room, which worked out because no one could see me sobbing into my glass(es) of wine. 😭🍷 #ForeverMyPresident

And finally, our last day in the Chi called for some photobombing at The Bean!

It was super cool being there without the usual crowds and a great way to end our Chicago tour before heading South for some much needed Vitamin D….

Hello palm trees & sunshine!

What a change from Chicago – blue skies, sun, and that heat!

Now this is what the Brits would call a proper holiday.

🌞🌞 Soaking up dem rayssss 🌞🌞

True American lifestyle – bowling, burgers, shakes, and friends.

And as always – good times with the fam!

But as they say – all good things come to an end, and before we knew it we were back in the sky towards Londontown again.

All in all it was a solid holiday. It felt good going, but also felt good coming back.

And now it’s time to continue our tour of Europe!

Anywhere you think we should visit next? Share in the comments.

‘Till next time…