2017 Style Goals: Dress for the life you want

As with every new year there’s a period of reflection & hopeful thinking of what you’d like the year to bring.

And with this year being the year I officially leave my 20’s behind – as cliche & hokey as it may be – I’m feeling extra reflective.

My original intention for this post was to list a bunch of style trends I’d like to try in the new year – shades of yellow, pop art, seventies prints, & leather fringe.

But I felt it was kind of surface level talk. When in reality my actual style goals run a bit deeper.

Throughout 2016 I felt as if I was holding myself back when it came to my personal style.

Dealing with change always brings up loads of insecurity and questioning for me. And as you know (or if you don’t click here!) there was a shit load of change for me in 2016.

There were feelings of insecurity/anxiety that showed up in more ways than one in my life last year – my attitude towards style being one of them.

I felt unsure & even a little superficial when it came to expressing my style – the confidence I used to have just wasn’t there.

It was hard to find motivation to get dressed, dressed. And I don’t mean fancy heels & designer duds dressed, I simply mean putting in the effort to add elements that expressed me.

Even writing this I feel a little silly – I want to pretend like it doesn’t matter, it’s just clothes after all.

But the more I try to be indifferent, the more I realize how much I actually care.

My style was always a way to express my personality and for reasons I still don’t fully understand I totally watered it down last year.

But! As we’ve discussed – it’s a new year and I’m about to enter a new decade of my life.

As 2016 came to a close I felt myself regaining confidence, owning what I want, and giving zero f*cks about what others may think.

(.…..ok, maybe not zero – more like 1.5….it’s a work in progress 😁)

So yeah! When it comes to style, my goals can’t be summed up in trends to try in the new year.

There’s so much more to it than that & I imagine it’s the same for you too.

My style philosophy has never been about having the fanciest, trendiest items; but about creative expression & showing the world who you are and what you represent by how you dress.

So, to put it simply, my style goal for 2017 is to dress for me and the life I wish to create.

Which sounds a bit generic, but I feel I lost touch with that ideal.

I want to wear things that make me feel pretty, sexy, joyful, edgy, & fun.

To not follow trends unless I want to follow trends.

To be bold, expressive, and share who I am because that’s what style has always been for me – a means of personal, creative expression.

And if I happen to inspire a few of you along the way to try something new, be bold, and expressive in your own way – AMAZING.

But at the end of the day, I want to feel confident in the fact that I put myself out into the world in the best way I saw fit. That made me happy & secure in who I am.

Cause if we’re not shooting for the best we can – what’s the point of trying?

So here’s to a joyful & stylish new year embracing who you are & sharing it with the world.

We’ve only got one life to live (as far as we know…) – so why not dress for the occasion 😉

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post!