How to Layer Like a Londoner, vol 1.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this post can I just get a hell yeah for sticking to my guns and getting this outfit post done.

There were some trials and tribulations {read: tech issues} but in the end I managed to make it work and I’m actually quite pleased with the end result.

I also learned how to turn my flat into a light and airy photo studio – which I’m sure will come in handy for future creative endeavors. #win

But on to the actual point of this post: layering in London.

It only took me a couple of weeks to realize that layering in London is truly an art form. One that I’m only just starting to scratch the surface of.

I layered in Chicago, but it was never to the level of which they layer here.

Which is why this post is called How to Layer like a Londoner vol. 1, because I still have much to learn and observe – and given the time, I hope to get on their level.

So let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Layering on it’s own is simple enough – you start with a lighter base and layer on top.

It’s purpose may be to keep us warm in the colder months, but it can also be a handy tool for making a style statement.

Here are 3 tips I believe are key for a more stylish approach to your layering technique.

1. Pay attention to your details.

Using this look as an example – I could’ve easily put a basic white or black tee under my sweater and it would’ve been perfectly fine. But instead I went with a striped tee, which instantly adds a little pop of contrast and catches the eye.

Paying attention to the details is the key to mastering your style in general, but it’s especially true when layering.

2. Be aware of proportions.

I have a lot going on on top with the cable sweater, striped tee, printed scarf, and beanie. As such I kept it simple on my lower half. Black tights paired with black riding boots keeps the line of my silhouette long and clean. Balancing out the play of texture and print on top.

3. Be conscious of color

Neutrals like black, white, and grey always pair well with one another and look uber city chic. I added the pink skirt simply because I like an extra pop of color and the light shade of pink paired well with the lighter shade of my grey sweater.

I could do a whole post series on color pairing, but for layering all you really need to know is sticking with one or two complementary color palettes will be your best bet to keep your look pulled together.

At the end of the day it’s about being intentional with what you pair with what.

And those are the basics!

I would love to know what you think – are you more about layering purely for function or for making a style statement?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post!


Wearing: coat – Barbour | sweater – Primark {similar} | striped tee – H&M | suede mini skirt – Primark {similar} | riding boots – Ralph Lauren | beanie – Ivy Park | scarf – Primark | bag – Coach

  • Lord knows I needed to see this. I’ll be in London soon and needed some serious stylespo whilst trying to keep warm!

    • So exciting! Glad I could help with the style inspo 😉 How long are you in London for? Maybe we could meet up for a coffee or a pint 🙂

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