My December Treat List

Happy December y’all.

Can you believe it? We’ve officially made our way to the end of 2016.

It’s been a wild ride and while we’ll totally spend some time reflecting on what this year brought {the good, the bad, and the downright crazy!} later this month, for now I thought I’d start the month with a little inspiration.

I’m a firm believer that a healthy dose of treats given to yourself by yourself for yourself makes for a happier mind and a happier life.

And because it’s the most wonderful time of the year {to shop! *wink*} and as with any and all pay days I have an itch to buy all the things – for others yes, tis the season after all, but one or two {cough::orfive::cough} for me doesn’t hurt either.

Treat yo self, amirite?


So today, in the spirit of giving not only to others, but also yourself {you worked hard this year, you deserve it} I’m starting a new monthly series known as The Treat List.

These will be 10 items that are currently on my radar, that I believe would make nice little treats to myself.

And hey, maybe you’ll be a little inspired to treat yourself too 🙂


My December Treat List

1. Velvet Slip Dress {ASOS}
Apparently velvet is a hot trend this holiday season, because I’ve been seeing it everywhere! As such it’s been imprinted in my mind that I, too, need a velvet piece for all the cool & chic holiday parties I most likely will not be attending 😀 Either way, I am very much in love with this velvet dress from Asos. I love the color, the embellishments, and overall 20’s flapper girl vibe. I think it’d be great for a night on the town for the holidays and beyond.

2. Metallic Loafers {River Island}
I’ve always been a fan of loafers, from the more classic smoking style to the modern day creeper. I love how this pair gives me a little bit of both – an almond toe is always flattering, I like that it has a thicker sole than most but isn’t ripping off the creeper look, and the shiny metallic upper gives it that extra ZING.

P.s. because I know my mother will ask – this is a creeper. <3

3. Longline Belted Coat {Warehouse}
Again, I love subtle juxtaposition in clothing and this coat is a prime example of such – a long length, traditionally used only in men’s coats, paired with a feminine cut and soft navy hue. Win, win, win.

4. Floppy Wool Hat {M&S}
I love a good hat. And while Chicago had me wearing more of the beanie variety, I have a feeling London is going to introduce me to the wonderful world of wool brimmed hats. And I have to say – I don’t mind one bit.

5. Hiker Style Boots {Aldo}
While I love all shoes, I’m a boots girl at the core. Line up a variety of shoes – guarantee my eye will go straight to the boots. You look in my closet, the majority of my shoes are boots. It’s a thing I’ve come to accept. What I’m loving about these “hiker-style” boots is that they do an excellent job of combining form with function. And by that I mean, they look stylish and on cold winter days they {hopefully} provide warmth and stability while strutting down the icy streets.

6. Sweatshirt with Sequin Sleeves {Pull & Bear}
I mean they’re sequin sleeves! On a sweatshirt! You can go casual or dress it up – either way I’m sure you’re comfy as hell, cause it’s a sweatshirt. I’m finding it hard to say no – mostly because I like shiny things….

7. Embroidered Mom Jeans {Topshop}
Have you jumped on the mom jeans train yet? I have a good friend who’s in love with them and has got me looking. I’ll admit I’m intrigued, but I haven’t bit the bullet just yet. Though I am really into the embroidery on this pair, so much so it may be the deciding factor to trying out mom jeans this holiday season.

8. Metallic Trousers {Zara}
Did I mention I like shiny things? I know what you’re thinking – Ashlei, these are totally MC Hammer pants. And I understand where you’re coming from, buuuuuuuuuuuut, I don’t know I think I could rock them – NYE, anyone?? Not only are they festive but they’d probably keep me warmer than any dress and tights combo. This could legit happen – stay tuned 😉

9. Berry Colored Lips {Bobbi Brown, Crushed Plum}
No outfit is complete without a solid lip color and I’m all about the berries and the plums. Not as in your face as a red and not as demure as a nude, I just think this hue makes for a perfect set of kissable lips xxx

10. Drawstring Midi Dress {Warehouse}
Something about this dress just makes me think of Saturday mornings cozying up with a good book, cuppa tea, and thick wooly socks. Basically my dream Saturday mornings. I’m also really into the studded detailing down the arms.

So what do you think? Would you treat yourself to any of these items?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post <3

Happy December!