A Look At Our 6 Months in London via Instagram

Y’all. We did it.

As of yesterday, Nov 27th, DCT and I have been living life as expats in London for 6 MONTHS.

Holy heck – this is a testament to how quickly time flies.

While part of it is starting to feel like the new normal, there are still many moments where it hits me that I’m in London. This isn’t a dream, this is real life.

And while it’s not always pretty, it is pretty damn special.

Now I don’t want to get too sentimental {we’ll save that for our 1 year anniversary as expats}, but I thought it’d be fun to give you a glimpse on how life has been, especially since I was so MIA these past few months, via my favorite social platform – INSTAGRAM!

Below are little snippets of how we’ve come to see London more and more as home.

Hope you enjoy.


A Farewell & Hello

  1. Peace out Chicago!
  2. Passport ready…
  3. The cats get priority boarding.
  4. We’re not in Chicago anymore!
  5. A whole new world for the furry beasts
  6. Exploring the colorful row houses of Notting Hill
  7. Goodbye Chicago Ventra hello London Oyster
  8. Proof we really made it to London
  9. Looking forward to what this city has to offer

An introduction to London life

  1. Embracing British teas
  2. Falling in love with all the colorful houses
  3. Market food is the best food
  4. Walking the Thames
  5. London at night
  6. An introduction to pub life….
  7. ….and cafe life
  8. Moved to our new neighborhood of Parsons Green
  9. One must always be prepared for some unexpected rainfall.

Getting settled

  1. Morning view from our new flat
  2. Visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace
  3. Embracing the pub life
  4. Waving to the Queen as she rides by
  5. Parade of red coats and fuzzy hats
  6. More pub life….
  7. Discovering London is the coolest at night
  8. Embracing the museum life
  9. Finally starting to settle into our new home

Becoming jetsetters

  1. Time to travel, first up – PARIS
  2. Exploring the Louvre
  3. Visiting family in the German countryside
  4. Goofballs
  5. Viva La Venezia
  6. Enjoying that Italian sunshine….
  7. And that Italian beachfront.
  8. Desert adventures in Marrakech
  9. Some of my favorite things: blue skies, palm trees, and coral-pink hues

Changing seasons

  1. Starting to really enjoy London life
  2. Flower markets are like none other here
  3. Inspirational cafe reading
  4. Fall is in the air
  5. Family comes to visit
  6. Planning where in the world to visit next
  7. Holidays are around the corner
  8. And boots season is here!
  9. Proud to call myself a Londoner

Becoming Londoners

  1. Love finding little hideaways in the city
  2. Fall Sundaze
  3. Neighborhood love – Fulham represent.
  4. A very British Thanksgiving
  5. In our neighborhood pub
  6. Winter = Wine
  7. Volunteering at the beautiful Victoria & Albert Museum
  8. Filling the home with fall hues
  9. Sweet home London it is

Here’s to the next 6 months!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing <3