Adventures with Ashlei: Marrakech, Morocco

Ahhh Marrakech.

What an eye- opening, cultural expanding experience.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, it was my first time to Africa as well as a predominately Muslim culture.

I did loads of research, read reviews – both good and bad – and decided to go in with an open mind.

Whatever happens, happens.

And I have to say, while the first few days were a bit overwhelming, in the end I was quite happy with our little getaway.

We went on an amazing food tour, did a camel ride through the desert, shopped the souks, explored the Jardin Majorelle, and spent the last day pampering ourselves at with a traditional hammam and massage experience.

All in all, not too shabby of a trip 😉

Enjoy some shots and more details of our experience below!

Evening Food Tour

Our first night in Marrakech we went on an evening food tour, which I have decided is the best way to be introduced to a new city and culture. Thanks to Urban Adventures and our tour guide Mustapha we spent the evening learning about Moroccan food, history, and culture.

We ate everything from msemman {Moroccan crepes} and Moroccan donuts, sweets and olives, lamb, stews, lentils, tomato soup – and that was just the first half of the tour! Then we had dinner {which we ended up just tasting because we were all stuffed to the brim by this point} that consisted of beef tanjia and chicken couscous.

Not only did we get to eat to our hearts content {and then some} we also got to experience the souks and main square come alive, because as we discovered – in Marrakech, the night life is where it’s at.

Jardin Majorelle

One of my must-sees was Jardin Majorelle – designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle and famously known as the home of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, it is an exquisite little oasis in the middle of the city.

While we didn’t have time to go through the museum, simply walking the grounds and taking pictures by his bright blue house {yes it’s just as bright in the person as it is in the pictures} was a nice quiet escape from the traffic and hustle of the city just beyond the walls.

Camel Ride

For a little bit of adventure we did a camel ride through the desert outside Marrakech to a little village where they served us traditional Moroccan mint tea and crepes.

It was a fun and totally different way to spend the morning – definitely a ‘who’s life is this?‘ moment.

If you had asked me this time last year, I would never have guessed I’d be in freakin’ Africa riding a camel through the desert. But it just goes to show you never know where life can take you – be open to all opportunities.

And finally our last day was spent doing what vacations were meant for – R&R {rest & relaxation}. We went to Heritage Spa and received a traditional hammam and massage. If you’ve never had a hammam, I would highly recommend it.

It’s essentially a full body cleanse and the massage was just the icing on the cake. I’m currently trying to figure out a way to get a hammam once a month, because it feels that good!

I’m really happy to call this my first African experience. It was definitely a shock to the senses, but it also sparked more of an interest to see and explore the rest of the continent.

We met so many nice and beautiful people who were so well-traveled and culturally experienced – it was incredibly inspiring and motivates me to be just as travelled and experienced.

So here’s to many more African adventures to come!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post. 😉