Travel Style Checklist: Marrakech

I am so pumped.

This Friday will mark my first trip to Africa as we travel down to Marrakech, Morocco!

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While I’ve spent the past month leading up to this trip doing all sorts of research – I still don’t really know what to expect.

This is my first introduction to a whole new culture and way of life that I’m sure will be a total shock to the senses. But I’m trying to go into this experience with an open mind and just go with the flow.

I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, I’m just anxious to get there already!

Now, for those who know me from KATNP, you’ll know that one of my favorite things about traveling is planning out what I’m going to wear.

Not only does it help me pack properly, but I also find it fun coming up with outfit possibilities. I can get pretty nerdy about it too – check this post on How to Build a Versatile Travel Wardrobe if you want to nerd out on wardrobe planning for travel purposes 🙂

So true to form I’ve planned outfits for our 4-day trip to Marrakech – which will be full of food tours, camel rides, shopping, and just general exploring of this magical city.

For those who may not know – Marrakech is in the country of Morocco which is in the North West part of Africa with a border along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

And while it has Western European influences, the culture is predominantly Muslim. As such, their way of life and customs are a lot more traditional and conservative than us Western folk.

As someone who’s visiting, the more conservative customs are very important to take into account especially when it comes to deciding on what to wear.

While I’ve read Marrakech is a little more “liberal” than the rest of the country when it comes to how to dress since it’s become a major tourist spot, you should still take care and be as respectful to their culture as possible – especially when visiting older parts of the city or religious establishments.

Basically say no to bringing any low cut shirts, thin strap tops, or super short shorts, skirts, or dresses.

Now I would never say my wardrobe was risque by any means, but for warmer weather my go-tos usually consist of little summer dresses and flirty skirts.

And again, while I’ve read it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing in Marrakech, there’s still the possibility it may bring about some unwanted attention.

Especially with the hot bod I’m rocking, amirite? 😉

{author’s note: I’m kidding, that was a joke….but not really…..or maybe…..anyways, moving on!}

So Marrakech presented a style challenge – how does one appear cool and stylish in 80 degree desert heat while staying covered up?

What you may not know is I love a good style challenge – so I took this on with glee.

Which brings me to my travel style checklist for Marrakech.

While everything is pretty simple and conservative in terms of silhouette and cut, I saw this as an opportunity to play with more color and prints – which is always a good time in my book 🙂

Travel Style Checklist: Marrakech

-1x Crop top {layered over high waist pants or light tank top}
-2x Basic tees {a versatile essential for pairing with colors and prints}
-1x Long tunic {another versatile essential}

-1x Culotte
-1x Wide leg pants
-1x Printed trousers

-1x Midi dress

-1x Sandals
-1x Espadrilles

-1x Head scarf
-1x Sun hat
-1x Oversized sunglasses
-1x Backpack
-1x Mini crossbody

And because I like having an idea of what to pair with what, here’s some outfit ideas for a few of the activities we have lined up.




I am SO looking forward to taking you on this adventure with us!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram – @ashleiceetee – for glimpses into our trip while it’s happening. I may even try to snapchat (@ashlei_snaps), but I can’t promise that one 😉

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this post!

See you in Marrakech!


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