Welcome to KATNP 3.0!


It feels like ages since I’ve done this.

But I’m happy to be stepping into the blogging game again.

{My creative mojo has been like an overly eager rookie – “Put me in coach – I’m ready!”}

Hello, hello {again} to those who know me from Kinks are the new Pink {or really, any of the million and one ventures I’ve pursued}

And pleased to meet you if it’s our first encounter. {hopefully it won’t be the last 😉 }

I’m back guys!

And I have a very strong inkling that this time its for GOOD.

I’m leveling up my blogging game a bit, if you didn’t guess that from the fact that I made a freakin’ video!

Video content has always been a bit elusive to me. I dabbled in it a bit on KATNP, but never really sunk my teeth into it.

However, during my blogging sabbatical {if that’s what you want to call it}, I started playing around with the idea by learning how to shoot/edit. And while I’m no pro {…yet}, I’ve discovered I actually really like the medium.

I mean, writing will always be my first love – but you should be excited to see more video content coming from me. {if you’re into video content, I’m not here to force things upon you or anything, but, like, it should be pretty awesome….just sayin’…. 😉 }

The idea of this blog has been sitting with me for awhile, and I’m so glad I was finally able to find my creative balls {so to speak…} and make it happen.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you watch the video above to get an idea of the purpose behind this blog and where I hope to see it go.

I’ll be totally upfront – there’s going to be some starter pains.

For one, I’m kinda winging it when it comes to posts {eeek!}.

Usually I have a stock of posts ready to go to help me through the first few weeks of starting a new blog. But this time I don’t because I knew if I went through my usual process this wouldn’t be up for another 4 months. And I’m tired of waiting.

There’s still plenty of content to enjoy on here, with most of it being oldies but goodies and personal faves from KATNP and other blogs I’ve worked on.

It’s been surprising how eager I’ve been to start sharing and connecting again.

I think since we’ve finally started settling into London life, I’ve discovered I’m ready to reconnect with my passions, one of which is blogging/creating online.

And honestly, having been away for so long really made me realize how much I actually love having an online space for creating, sharing, and connecting.

As they say – absence makes the heart grow fonder. And that couldn’t be more true for me and blogging.

So here we go.

Kinks are the new Pink round 3.

We’re a little grown up this time, we’ve got more experience, we’re more self-aware. We’re sassy, but still classy.

And quite frankly, we just don’t give as many f*cks – which means there’s more fun to be had.

I’ve always believed life is what you make it and that you’ve got to work with what you got.

And as it stands – I’ve got a lot to work with.

All of which I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

Thanks for reading and watching my video.

Be sure to subscribe below for more updates as the come.

Until then, wishing you peace, love, and all the good vibes.