Why You Have Nothing to Wear (And What to Do About It)

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Who hasn’t been there…

It’s another day and you head with trepidation to your closet – you place your hand on the door, close your eyes, open them and…..sigh….nope the fashion fairy didn’t stop by and magically bring you a new shiny wardrobe.

It’s still the dresses, tops, stacks of denim, and piles of shoes you’ve always had.

And thus begins one of your biggest struggle of the day – deciding what to wear.

Last week we discussed how the first step to building a working wardrobe is to assess your lifestyle. And from that you learned the overarching reason why you feel you never have anything to wear is because your clothes don’t match your current lifestyle.

I didn’t mention this before – but there’s a catch.

Whether you’ve determined your wardrobe matches your lifestyle or not, you could still struggle getting dressed everyday and not feel 100% satisfied with what you have.


Because your wardrobe, much like you, is complex. It’s health and functionality is completely dependent on individual components, such as your wardrobe structure or shopping strategy, that all work together to complete your wardrobe and personal style.

If one or more of these components are underdeveloped that “sickness” can impact the entire system and leave you feeling frustration and anxiety instead of confidence and joy when getting dressed every morning.

But fear not – there are ways to remedy whatever sickness your wardrobe may be affected with.

To help you figure out what your individual wardrobe weak spot is I’ve listed out the 8 most common wardrobe sicknesses AND a recommended course of treatment for each diagnosis, so you can take action in improving your wardrobe TODAY.

Let’s dive in!

#1: You don’t know what’s in your closet

If you had to list every single item in your closet from the top of your head – how much do you believe you’d get right? If it’s less then 50% then you my friend have no idea what’s actually IN your closet.

Remedy: You need to get a better overview of what you already own. One of the best ways to do this is to give your wardrobe a detox. There’s no need to wait till spring for a good closet clean out.

#2: Your wardrobe no longer matches your sense of style

Do the majority of your clothes just feel blah to you? Does it feel like a chore picking out what to wear every morning because your clothes – simply put – don’t inspire you? Then your wardrobe may no longer match your sense of style.

Remedy: It’s time to redefine your style concept. Start introducing some new elements and get rid of anything that is muddying your new vision of style.

#3: You have no definition of your personal style

If you had an unlimited budget and could shop anywhere to create a few outfits you 100% LURVED – could you do it? If that’s a thought that overwhelms you and you struggle to think where you would even begin, then you’re suffering from a lack of definition in your personal style.

Remedy: You need to discover and build up your own style from scratch. A mood board is a great way to get started – check out this post for how to use Pinterest to define your personal style.

#4: You have no coherent style concept

Do you often feel your style is a bit disjointed and all over the place? If a stranger were to look in your closet would they be able to accurately sum up your personal style in a few sentences? If no, then you’re lacking consistency in your wardrobe.

Remedy: Decide on a clear style concept based on a set of defined pieces – maybe even try creating a signature look – then tailor your wardrobe accordingly by getting rid of things that don’t fit in your new style concept.

#5: Your wardrobe doesn’t match your lifestyle

We touched on this already, but just as a refresher – if you find a disparity between what your day-to-day life is like and what you currently have in your closet, then your wardrobe doesn’t match your current lifestyle.

Remedy: Identify what activities of your life are underrepresented in your wardrobe and focus on expanding those areas.

#6: Your shopping strategy is too reactive

Is you closet filled with multiple items that are similar – some worn, some barely touched? Do you have several items you hardly remember wearing or even some with price tags still attached? Then you’re suffering from a shopping strategy that’s too reactive.

Remedy: Time to shop smarter – start by identifying your key style goals, then create a shopping plan and set a realistic budget (account for a little playing room for spontaneous purchases in your budget, because those will happen no matter how much you plan)

#7: Your wardrobe lacks structure

If you feel like you’re constantly fighting to create daily outfits, especially when it gets close to laundry day, then you may have a wardrobe that simply isn’t versatile enough.

Remedy: Focus on building a solid foundation of basics – you can even try creating a uniform or a mixable capsule wardrobe.

#8: Undeveloped styling skills

Do you have individual items that you LOVE but struggle putting them together that’s unique and tailored to you. Then you may be struggling with some undeveloped styling skills.

Remedy: Practice makes perfect! Gather inspiration and start creating as many outfits as you can. Experiment, tweak details, and take loads of notes.

Now you may be thinking – holy crap Ashlei! I feel like I’m dealing with ALL these.

And to that I say – it’s okay! The majority of us will most likely be dealing with a couple or more. But as they say – the first step to recovery is recognizing the problem.

My plan is to visit each of these wardrobe illnesses over time and dive a little deeper into their cause and treatment – so stay tuned!

For now I’d love to hear more from you – what wardrobe illness do you feel you’re suffering from?

Let me know in the comments below.

‘Till next time!

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