How to use Pinterest to Define & Refine your Style

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Not to toot my own horn or anything – BUT I was one of the original users of Pinterest when it first hit the social media scene.

I’d be craving for a place to catalogue and save things I found interesting or inspiring on the Internet and when I discovered Pinterest I was in love.

Now Pinterest is a major player in the social media game and continues to be one of my favorite platforms.

While Pinterest can be used for a variety of things from saving recipes and DIY projects, to creating a vision for your home redesign or planning your wedding. I use it most to help define and refine my style.

As you may have guessed – there’s more to defining your style on Pinterest than randomly pinning blogger outfits or celebrity style icons.

Dare I say there’s a science to using Pinterest to better your style, and today i’m going to share that science with you.

Before we dive into it, here are a few ground rules that apply across the board on Pinterest.

1. Give boards a defined purpose – or in other words, be specific about what you’re using a Pinterest board for. It’ll give you focus, make your boards more cohesive and make it easier for you to interpret and apply your inspirations to your wardrobe.
2. Write clear descriptions – to get more out of your pins make note of what it is that attracts you to that image in the description. Whether it’s a specific item, color combination, or general mood of an image write it down so you can easily refer to it again later.
3. Delete pins that no longer interest you – again, to keep your boards focused and cohesive be sure to go through every now and then and delete pins that no longer match or don’t inspire you anymore.

7 Ways to Use Pinterest to Define Your Style

Build a Color Story

The great thing about Pinterest is it’s super easy to collect TONS of images. This is helpful when you want to create a color palette for your wardrobe as you get to see how individual shades work together as a whole. You can easily collect images with similar color schemes by looking through the ‘Related Pins’ of an image you like to find even MORE images.

To make this board work, decide on the context – is it for your entire personal style, a season, or for an individual look? Pin any and all images that speak to you, don’t feel you have to stick with fashion-related images. Pin photography, design, food, interiors, you name it! All that really counts are the colors you’re looking for. Your goal for this board is to create a coherent color story that can inspire the color combinations in your wardrobe.

Study Style Techniques

When it comes to style, it’s not just about what you wear, but HOW you wear it. The details of an outfit is what gives it individual character.

And the good news?

Great styling is something you can learn simply through practice and observation. Which is exactly what creating a style techniques board can help with.

To use this board, collect examples of clever styling techniques you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. Be sure to use the description box to identify each technique. It’s super important for when you refer back to the board later.

Plan for a New Season

Creating a board that represents your seasonal wardrobe is one of the main ways I use Pinterest. This board will include everything from overall themes to specific items and outfits.

The most important thing to note, since a seasonal style board includes a wide range of things, is to write a description of what exactly you’re loving about the image. It’ll make it easier to process when you view the board again later.

Visualize your Overall Style

Another way to use Pinterest to help define your style is to create a master style board. This will be different from a seasonal board as it will represent the essence of your personal style across all time and seasons.

It should include the most important qualities that define your style from colors, textures and shapes, to overall themes, moods, and feelings. This board will grow with you as you continue defining and refining your style.

Build an Outfit Catalogue

An outfit formula (or recipe as I like to refer to them) is essentially a certain combination of silhouettes such as ‘oversize sweater + skinny jeans + flats’ or ‘tucked-in tee + skirt + tights + ankle boots’. To expand your repertoire consider creating an outfit formula board tailored to your personal style and life.

Focus on formulas you already wear, want to try, and different ways to wear your items. This board can be super helpful when you’re stuck and in need of some quick inspiration.

Find Direct Inspiration

When using Pinterest, you most likely tend to pin looks you “kinda like for some reason” but would never actually wear in real life – I know I do.

The problem with this is it creates a lot of clutter and makes it hard to pinpoint images that actually would inspire your clothing choices.

A direct inspiration board helps to eliminate this behavior as the sole purpose of this board is to fill it with a) outfits you would wear as pictures (with minor changes) and b) can replicate with contents you already own or a few additions you’re willing and able to purchase.

Overtime you’ll build up a stock of outfit ideas you can wear as is. This is the perfect remedy to the dreaded – “I have NOTHING to wear” syndrome. 😉

Create your Dream Wardrobe

Sometimes you just need space for inspiration without any direct purpose.

Create a dream wardrobe board for a sense of style you’d have “in another life”. This is where you can pin outfits, items, and elements you love but wouldn’t necessarily wear right now.

This is a great source of inspiration for how to incorporate new elements, color combinations, or themes into your current wardrobe.

Don’t be realistic here, have fun and listen to your gut! Sometimes that’s where the best creative styling ideas come from.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Do you use Pinterest to help define your style? If so, what are some of your favorite tactics?

Share your thoughts and any style boards you’ve put together below. I’d love to see them!

‘tll next time,

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