Celebrating 1 Year of Marriage

It’s official!

It’s crazy, but it’s official –

DCT and I are celebrating 1 year of marriage today.

I say it’s crazy because it still feels like we just had the wedding last week. But here we are, a full year in this thing called marriage.

I’d say it’s been quite a whirlwind experience so far.

No sooner than we said “I do”, we packed our bags, moved our newly-wed lives across the pond, and have been trying to navigate life as husband, wife, and American expats ever since.

I frequently have to stop, look around, and wonder how is this my life?

1 Lesson Learned From 1 Year of Marriage

I see every experience in life as a learning experience and marriage is definitely no exception.

While there’s been many lessons learned and a greater understanding of each other gained, if there’s one thing I’ve taken away from my first year of marriage it’s this:

Don’t follow the traditional ideas or definition of being husband and wife – create your own.

Before I continue I want to note that I don’t think having a traditional husband/wife relationship is wrong.

If it works for you and makes you both happy, then please rock on!

We learned, however, that it’s okay to be a little unconventional and to create your life as husband and wife based on your relationship – not society’s expectations.

Every person is different, which means every relationship is going to be different, and it’s okay – in fact I would strongly encourage it – to figure out what works best for you.

DCT and I have never considered ourselves a traditional couple.

But after getting married, we suddenly had these new “roles” as husband and wife.

And with that came certain societal expectations, expectations that we struggled coming to terms with.

As such there were a lot of ups and downs the first few months as we tried to make ourselves the proper husband and wife duo.

But we quickly discovered that trying to fit into society’s idea of husband and wife lead to loads of miscommunication, stress, and resentment between us.

To make a long story short, since thinking about being husband and wife traditionally wasn’t working for us, we decided to take a different course of action by creating what it meant to be husband and wife for ourselves.

I won’t say we’ve figured it all out, it’s definitely still a work in progress, but we’re making it happen day by day.

And I’m extremely blessed and grateful to be on this journey with DCT, I honestly can’t imagine doing it with anybody else.

So here’s to year one.

Put it in the books – check, done.

And now for your viewing pleasure…


Cause I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually shared some on the blog 🙂

All photos taken by Mark Federighi – best photographer we could’ve asked for!