Adventures with Ashlei: Paris

I took a 3-day trip down to Paris last week – which is SO weird!

Never would I think I could casually say I took a 3-day trip down to Paris.

Who does that?

Me apparently, as I went down to meet up with my aunt’s who were visiting my parents in Germany {also so weird to say, makes us sound so posh when we’re really not} from the States.

It’s been a good 10 years since I’ve been to Paris, and as cliche as it may be for this fashion-loving girl to love Paris – I really LOVE Paris.

I remember having a fondness for it after my first visit years ago, but upon returning, that city lit a fire in me that I had no idea existed.

I was obsessed with everything and could’ve easily stayed there for weeks – months! I felt more connected to this city than any I’ve ever visited. Even sweet home London {though London has the advantage of having a language I can speak}.

And maybe that’s the magic spell of Paris everyone always talks about. Either way I know I must go back and spend even more time exploring the arrondissements and little side streets that make this place so magnifique.

Enjoy the photos below of our time spent exploring Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and my solo exploration of the area of Montmarte.