Why Chopping Off Your Hair is Freeing | My Second Big Chop

In case you missed it, over the holidays I got real scissor happy and gave myself a second big chop.

The following day at work, one of my co-workers noticed the new short ‘do and asked me:

“Do you feel free?”

My immediate answer was yes and I mentally gave myself a pat on the back for breaking the mold and not conforming to society’s idea of beauty.

But then I thought about it more.

As women, our hair is the number one symbol of our beauty.

But it has also been twisted into a symbol of conformity.

We’re constantly told by society that we must have long, flowing locks of thick, wild (in a sexy way) hair in order to be considered beautiful.

I remember last year around the time Jennifer Lawrence chopped her hair off an article was released where the author said point blank – women with short hair are not attractive.

Of course I and women around the world scoffed at this idea.

The length of your hair does not determine your beauty.

Let me say that one more time.

The length of your hair does NOT determine your beauty.

Nor does the color, shape, texture, thickness etc. etc.

It’s the self-confidence and courage you have to do what you want with your hair that makes you beautiful.

And what’s more freeing than that?

So to go back to my co-workers question: “Do you feel free?” – yes, but shouldn’t I feel that way regardless?

Whether I grow it out and chop it off again, dye it blue, green, or purple, throw a wig on top, or get crazy extensions – I should still feel free.

If anything, the question should be “Do I feel like me?”

And to that I say:




Thanks for reading!

Short hair – don’t care,