How to Style Maternity Clothes for the Everyday Mom-to-be | 20 pieces x 20 outfits

everyday maternity clothes

There’s a lot of mean talk when it comes to maternity clothes.

They’re too expensive.

They make me feel old.

They’re so dull.

They’re unflattering.

And while this may be true for some, I’ve only just started dipping my toe in the maternity clothes section and can say that’s not true for all.

(For starters, ASOS has an amazing maternity section and for perfectly decent prices too!)

I think the problem many of us face when it comes to maternity clothes is how to work them in your wardrobe and keep things interesting without feeling forced to wear the same leggings and oversized top day in and day out.

There’s a cure for this and it involves building a workable maternity wardrobe by buying clothes that can mix and match with ease.

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1 Item, 3 Ways: How to Style White Sneakers

Remember last week when I talked about how white is always tricky for me to wear? Well that still stands, however, I’ve noticed a trend forming in my closet lately. Blame it on spring fever or my pregnancy brain – but I can’t help obsessing over wearing white sneakers for spring. Yup, that’s right. White

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5 Lessons Learned During My First Trimester {VIDEO}

I’m cruising through the last few days of my 1st trimester – YASSS!   So in celebration I thought I’d share some lessons learned during my first trimester about myself and being preggers. I was going to write out the post, but wasn’t excited about sitting in front of my computer screen all day so I

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Maternity Style: Comfy. Casual. Chic.

And so it begins. 2 weeks ago this pencil skirt fit just fine over the growing belly. But this time around was a different story, it was a bit of a struggle to get on – a little tight around the waist area. Which just confirms there’s definitely something growing beneath it all.

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