Transitioning to Autumn {while feeling like I’m going to explode}

transitioning to autumn

Hey look everybody!

Somehow I mustered up the energy to not only put decent clothes on, but also set up my photo studio {aka my living room} for some outfit shots!


As I mentioned in my last post, despite how cliche it’s become to say – fall is my favorite time of year for fashion.

And while it’s not quite sweater weather yet, we’re getting super close!

And I’ve since dusted off my boots, aired out my sweaters, and invested in some new fall outerwear.

Including this faux-leather jacket – a fall staple that I was surprised to find missing as I unpacked this season’s goods.

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Closet Additions for Fall 2017

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve Hey beautiful people! So as my previous life update mentioned – the end of pregnancy is still taking it’s toll {currently 4 weeks left and counting!}, and the thought of putting together

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Life Update: #SoOverIt

Hi friends, So I went a bit radio silent this last week as pregnancy is starting to take a really big toll on my mental {and to be fair, physical} state. And as the title of this post states – I’m SO over it. I’m midway through my 34th week and I am just DONE.

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Goddess Locs | The Aftermath

The fro is back! And it has definitely seen some major growth. I’m planning to let it be out and do it’s thing for the rest of the month, and then reinstalling locs again in September just before baby CeeTee arrives {can you believe how close we are to D-day?}. But before all that happens

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Building a Working Wardrobe | Mind over Wardrobe

Ever feel like your mind is constantly playing games or at war with your wardrobe? You have a closet full of great pieces, yet you seem to always struggle with getting dressed in the morning. You find yourself constantly resorting to the same outfits, day after day, week after week. Slowly, but surely, falling into

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