Matching Your Wardrobe to Your Lifestyle | Building a Working Wardrobe

match your wardrobe to your lifestyle

I’ve got a question for you.

Do you believe your wardrobe matches your current lifestyle?

While you may find it an odd question, the truth of the matter is the majority of us (us being fabulous and fierce women of the world) struggle with our closets not because we recently put on a couple of pounds or because our clothes are a little past their prime (though both of these are valid factors for wardrobe discontent).

The real reason we struggle with our wardrobe is because our current selections no longer match our current lifestyle.

I used to have this problem where I would only buy clothes for fun activities in my life.

A sure-to-be-epic girl’s night out, vacations, the holiday season – you get the idea.

And as a result, my closet was a mish-mash of party girl dresses, sparkly tops, and barely there tunics.

Which are great for activities mentioned above – but those were a small percentage of my day-to-day life.

It wasn’t until about a couple years ago that I started making a concentrated effort to invest in clothing that I would and could wear on – say, a regular Tuesday afternoon.

Case and point: this look right here.

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