Why Mama Needs a Mental Health Break & How to Take The Time to Get Away

Right around 3:00PM you can usually find me counting down the hours to bedtime when I’m (somewhat) released from my mommy responsibilities.

All I want is to (gently) toss Mason into bed, read ONE book, sing ONE song, turn out the lights, and run off to do whatever doesn’t make me feel like a slave to my wee, yet adorable, dictator. 💙

This is usually right around the time when the hubs walks in the door and, ironically, instead of dropping everything and running away I’m filled with feelings of guilt. I can’t ask for a break because I now need to step it up and be a great wife!

And before you start shaking your fists, know that this isn’t the hubs talking – it’s me. No one puts this pressure on me but myself.

I consistently tell myself that I need to put my own needs aside, find my inner superhero, and carry on.

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